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    just really checking out the board for the time,usally just look at the tech at all the late model bikes, guess the economic downturn missed the HD market.Is it mostly new riders with new bikes or old riders with upgrades,just wondering?
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    Welcome, a little bit of both, have a look around and enjoy the forum
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    I don't know really. Most new riders buy used bikes. I am 36 Y-O and I have only ever purchased used bikes. Mainly because the motor company charges so much for them and I live in a town where the HD Factory workers buy up all the new stock with their 20% discount coupons. The plus side to this is that they hardley ride them and you can get them for a song a year or two later. My Softail was only two years old when I bought it and I only paid $10,000 for it. It only had 1600 miles on it and the guy had a SE big bore kit put on. I bought it from a Toyota car dealer,,,,, SERIOUSLY..... Toyota of Hanover PA.
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    I think you will find a lot of responsible minded members on this forum.