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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by simius, Jan 19, 2015.

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    So I got under my new 2015 FLSTN Softail Deluxe looking to see how hard it will be to adjust the suspension, and I noticed a wire hanging loose. See photo (after reattachment). This is under the very front of the frame, basically where your feet are. It looked like it had been held on with something like a "sticky back" with an aluminum ring on it.

    1) I cleaned the surfaces and reattached it with some 3M double-sided foam tape. There is a hole in the bracket it is attached to, so I am also going to put on a weatherproof cable tie as soon as I find one. Good enough, or should I have the dealer attach it "correctly"?

    2) Just curious, but what are the things in this bracket? Appears to be two electronic connectors laying parallel. You can see one in the photo; it's gray but looks cream in the photo.

    3) I'm kinda bummed about the shoddy craftsmanship and hope I am not going to be finding more stuff like this. The wire was hanging just inches off the ground waiting to be ripped off when I discovered it. A weak adhesive connector like this should never be used in an exposed location. I work for an electric utility, btw, and we do use "sticky backs" but not in a place like

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    I guess this could be moved to "electrical" page. Sorry, kinda new around here.
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    If it was my new scoot the dealer would be fixing it the right way.
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    Its possible that a wire strap has broken and fell off. The goop may not have been the only component holding connector on. I have had straps beak along frame rail over the years..
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    I would have the dealer have a look at it and fix it proper
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    As you wish, sir!
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    Stopped by the dealer. They showed me the service manual which indicated the wire is, in fact, only secured with sticky back square with an aluminum clip to hold the wire. It's something to do with the O2 sensor, he said.

    So, nothing was missing; it just came loose. They said my fix was as good as what they would have done, but I am still going to add a cable tie.

    After thinking about it and wondering why in the world they would use a weak adhesive in a place like this, I started wondering why in the world they would ever put an exposed wire on the very bottom of the bike, either....shrug

    If you have a Softail, you may want to check yours and reinforce if necessary.