New Bike, Cycle Shed, Cycle Barn?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by leo13, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. leo13

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    Flying to Denver to pick up my '08 Electra Glide Classic on Saturday. My wife wants to get one of these type covers for my Bday, and I'm looking for advice on which will do the best job.

    I know, common wisdom is a garage or shed, just not doable in my situation (my Bayliner Trophy takes up the available space, and I don't want to have to scrape off snow and ice on my truck in the Rocky Mountain winters before I go to work).

    So just what is the other best option?
  2. Darmon

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    We also had the dilemma of not having space for a shed so because our house is on a slab we just blew double doors into the basement bedroom and voila...a motorcycle garage! However, we also have a motorcycle trailer (unfortunately wasn't big enough for both bikes) which we'll be selling now the doors are in!
  3. locodude

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    I've got a cycle shell, It's pretty nice. It has a floor and a sturdy skeleton with a really heavy duty waterproof material sewn on around it, it is lockable and all in all a pretty good product. I had one for my honda for three years and it was still in very good shape but it wouldn't fit over my ultra and I had to order another one. It is a tight fit and I have to take off the shorty antennaes (sp?) but otherwise I would buy one again.
  4. pete malone

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    I used to have a product called a Bike Barn which are available on E BAY in the U.S. They are OK but they still let the damp in. They need to be anchored to the ground. All in All they are a lot better than just putting a cover over the bike and if you can position it out of the wind will be the next best thing to a garage.
  5. The4opps1

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    I used a Bike Barn for about 5 years to store a motorcycle outside. I placed it right up to the garage door, and while it isn't a garage, it did a fairly good job of keeping the elements out in all 4 seasons. Every spring, I'd hit it with some canvass waterproofing and it'd be good to go for the year. I particulalry liked the vent flaps on the thing, that allowed for air circulation. In the winter, when I wasn't going to ride, I'd cover the bike first with a regular cover, and then close over the Bike Barn. Although you can anchor the thing, if you don't live in an area with high winds, or, if you can protect it from high winds, there is a piece that is anchored by the front wheel that will keep in pretty well in place, in most situations. Paid about $250 for it on Ebay, sold it 5 years later for $75 on Ebay.
  6. Jim and Tammy

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    We replaced a sliding glass door with french doors and keep the bike inside.