New Bars on the 07 FLHP/ HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Police Bikes' started by Rhys, Mar 18, 2012.

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    I just bought a 07 police roadking with the 103 & 6 speed. Nice bike, but changing the bars. The trouble I am running into is when I go to get parts for the bar swap no one seems to know anything, not even the harley dealers. I kinda get the vibe that they dont want to sell me parts or tell me what I need due to a differance in the bikes. I need to know if the abs that is on the bike has to have a speacial ABS line or can a standard brake line go on. also are the clutch cable and throttle cables just standard cables? Last is the wiring, Im going to run the police controls for know but will convert to standard civialan controls in the fall and I can find diagrams for FLHP bikes. I realy need help, its 70 outside and everyone is riding and I would like to finish the bars and hit the road on my new bike. PLEASE HELP!!!!! :bigsmiley30: