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    If you read "My leather or your Suit" post there is more. On one of our weekends we were unable to ride. A storm blew in unexpected and it was pretty nasty. Saturday night we walked down to our bar in our hotel to have a few cocktails. The lady behind the bar was named Jan. Jan was very friendly and you could tell she had a lot of fun doing her job. As the night progressed we all chatted more and more and got to know each other. Jan informed us she rode and had a Sporster. We thought cool! The next year we called the hotel and inquired if she still worked there they said yes, Friday nights. We rolled in Friday night and she was there, we all laughed and had a good time. Saturday her and a few friends were going on a short run, she invited us to go. while on the ride she said she had a wedding gig in the party center of the hotel that night. She invited me and my buddy Bryan in for a few drinks. Again we decided to be dirty bikers and show up in our leathers and jeans. Jan saved us two seats at the end of the bar and we snuck in. We had a few drinks and laughed with Jan when she found time. At one point the bride walked up next to me, ordered a drink and asked who we were. I told her we were relatives from the grooms side from Cleveland. Few minutes later the groom came up, we told him we were brides side from Cleveland! As my buddy Bryan and I sat and laughed we could see the bride and groom talking and pointing at us. Few minutes later a big guy (brides dad) comes up. He says "I don't know who you are..but out now!!" Jan ran up said she invited us but we would leave. I turned to my buddy Bryan but couldn't find him. As the father got madder I could see over his shoulder my buddy on the dance floor with a few of the bridesmaids!! I thought oh my!! I ran over, got Bryan and out we went. On the elevator Bryan said, if were gonna get tossed, lets go out good!! I had to agree. We returned to the bar downstairs laughing and carrying on. About 1/2 hour later the elevator opened and here came dad! I thought oh boy, here we go! Dad walked up right between us and said "Get these boys a drink". We all did a shot of crown. He said "boys as much as I'm against this, the bride and bridesmaids want you back, said your fun" We grabbed our stuff and off we went. We partied all evening with Eric and Laura. We danced, even got wedding pics taken with the wedding party! I apologized to the bride and groom and both families, we really didn't mean any disrespect. Later that night when the reception was over we all returned to the bar downstairs. Jan was off duty but was having so much fun she came down and helped the on duty bartender. I think it was around 2 a.m. the lower bar was throwing us out. Some of the wedding party were staying in another hotel. They headed there. Bryan and I were ready to party! We followed dragging the entire wedding party, bride n groom with us. We ended up breaking into the second hotel indoor pool at 2 a.m.! What a blast. Hotel security came few minutes later and threw us out. To this day I still talk with Eric and Laura. Jan and I keep in email contact. When were in the area we ride together. She never invited us to another gig, always wondered why!! She still does bar tending a few nights a week still at the hotel. She is a blast. My buddy Bryan married and sold his bike, the riding up that way stopped. Just not the same without Bryan. Hope you all enjoy, I have plenty of stories I'll post here and there...