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    Back story: 09 Ultra with 20K, runs like a champ, fluid change synthetic mobil 1 in all 3 holes within last 1500 miles. On the road since Wednesday, Ft. Lauderdale to Sturgis. On thursday notice neutral light does not come on when bike is in neutral. Later see that it comes on but dimly. Later again notice it is not working. Check sensor corrections all seems ok, bike runs and sounds fine. Planning to have dealer look at it during rest day in Mount Vernon IL except that yesterday afternoon, (Saturday) light starts working again normally. Only possible wrinkle is that we have nearly drowned every day since we started this and have been living in our rain suits so maybe it's a moisture problem? Any ideas on what my problem might be? As I said I'm on the road with minimum tools and no manual handy. Plan is to have dealer look at it in Hill City if it keeps up.
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    I believe the two wires going to the neutral switch are a Tan & a Black. Remove the two wires going to the switch. Short them together with a paper clip. Does neutral light now glow bright like it should. If yes, the switch (sensor) is probably bad.

    (The neutral sensor is a 2 wire sensor. The speed sensor is 3 wire. Don't mix up the two since they are mounted close to each other)
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    No tools but you have a computer, or are you on a cell/smart phone of some sort? Just curious.
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    I ran into a similar problem awhile back after washing my bike. Turned out I had moisture shorting out the connection. Pulled the wires and dried off the terminals, and it's been working fine ever since.
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    Using hotel computer and my iPhone traveling light to make space for all the girly stuff the wife seems to require

    Thanks for the advice I'll check the wires

    I do have my travel tool set
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    Had similar problem on my SE 6-spd when I changed it out. Turned out that I just had to snug up the switch a wee bit.

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    I had to replace the neutral switch a few times on my 07 RK in a short time. There was a problem with the switches. My dealer stocked many of them for just that reason.