Neutral, ign, or kill switch

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by hobo55, Jun 27, 2009.

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    After stopped at a road construction for 5 min. turned on ign switch then stop/run switch (engine light went out and neutral light was on) hit start button and nothing. Put stop/run to stop and turned ign switch off. Turned them back on and started right up. Same thing happened later in the day getting gas but this was after a couple of starts with no problems. Is this the beginning of a neutral switch failure? Nuetral is only on when in nuetral. (o7 ultra-stage 1-true duels) No codes.
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    Have not heard of an interlock on that year, but Glider might comment here.

    The neutral switch on my bike is on the tranny case top cover with two wires on posts. You might ensure that the switch is threaded in tightly (this is a chore on my bike - had to cut down a combo wrench short enough to get on the switch flats). Take the leads off and reinstall to see if that helps. Also, Hobbit has mentioned that the newer bikes (not sure how new!) have a switch on the jiffy stand that ensures the stand is not up when starting. That is a magnetic switch that can get bits of steel road trash attached and confuse the switch. You might see if you have that, and if so, ensure it is clean.

    As an aside, I always make it a practice to start my bike with the tranny in neutral and the clutch lever pulled all the way in. This is the least load I can put on the starter which may extend it's life some.

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    More than likely the battery terminals need cleaning and reinstalling. The neutral switch basically when it goes bad will cause a neutral light on in all gears and it will start in gear as well.