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    Ride: '92 FXRS w/1340 EVO
    went to Cherokee, NC several weeks ago. The front spark plug blew out of the hole. I knew the threads were in questionable shape but the plug was fine for the 300+ miles down there & then also for the 150 miles that we put on while riding the Dragon & other places. i had to get my buddies to run to the parts store & get me a thread insert kit. I tapped the plug hole out & installed the insert right on side of the highway. My question is, has anyone had to install one of these, & if so how does it hold up long term? I rode the 300+ miles back home with no problems or bad symptoms. Haven't been able to ride for the last couple of weeks because we've had nothing but rain on every day I was free to ride. The insert still feels good & tight, it has "red" loctite on the threads. I'm thinking it's good to go for long term?
  2. glider

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    As long as it was installed properly, it should outlast the bike. I would however remember to use some never seize on the plug threads faithfully to be sure.
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    Helicoils are OK but a ++ TIME-SERT Threaded inserts for stripped threads, threaded inserts, thread repair stripped sparkplug's, Ford sparkplug blowouts, threaded inserts threaded, repair stripped threads, stripped threads, inserts threaded inserts, Ford spark plug repair, is a permanent repair
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    I have previously used a thread insert in a cylinder head in an air cooled car it lasted great for at least the next 2 years then i had to let that car go if the car is still running i am pretty sure that insert will still be there
    It was an expensive kit at the time and i still have it but i have not needed it since

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    I have used numerous keen-serts and time-serts over the years in the maintenance trade and never had trouble with them.
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    I have had a helicoil brand insert (professionally installed) in my shovel head for many years. I have had the heads off since the insert was installed, and it fits flush inside. The only thing that I'd caution on yours is the possibility of a thread protruding into the combustion chamber that can cause a hotspot and detonation. If you haven't noticed any detonation in the 300 mile ride home, I'd say you're ok, but keep an ear out for detonation.
    P.S. Kudo's on your creativity on the side of the road. :s
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    I use them all the time on engines and Have never had and trouble.
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    I think I would be a little nervous about tapping the head while on the motor.All the shavings dropping into the cylinder cannot be good.

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    i was thinking the same thing
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    If you use some grease on the tools it will catch alot of the debris, I have found with the exhaust valve open and piston at or close to top you can blow the rest out the exhaust with an air hose, have done this on many Shovel and Pan motors with high miles:s