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    I have a very good friend who works for a private company in Iraq. When he has a break he loves to ride his bike. He had it shipped to Portugal about 2 years ago and often rides in Portugal and Spain. While it is not a Harley, he did want me to find out if any members were near Spain and if so could you possibly give him some good suggestions for locations to ride in. He is very interested in possibly riding around in Europe also. He does like to take alot of pictures so maybe good points oof reference also. Thanks alot!
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    ITALY.!!! home of the Ducati! GREEEEEEAAAAAAAT roads...:D
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    time to bust a bubble :)

    IMO, roads in Spain are MUCH better than in Italy.. the north anyway..

    any road in Spain or France with an 'N' designation are the old
    national roads, usually great riding.
    Most coast roads are great riding, except in August; the whole country
    is on vacation then, and everywhere is a disaster.

    Spain: N332 and N340 are wonderful, on the east Coast.
    Take a GPS for getting around Valencia and Barcelona, they are
    not friendly places.

    It is possible to ride in Southern France along the old roads,
    only problem is the road numbers, it is broken into a thousand different
    names, but it is a nice road.. did it a few weeks ago :)
    Needs a GPS as well.

    Your friend can get in touch with me if he likes, I have some
    experience with east Coast of Spain, south of France, north Italy.

    For England and Northern Europe, seems the best person is Hobbit.
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    The Alps.