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    Hey Glider where should I start , I have an 02 Electra Glide with Stock air box and K & N filter , V & H true duels , SE slip on's with a set of 203 cams. What should I set my 4 pots for starting points. My bike is not handy to tell you the existing setting but it was running fine with no decel poping but the rear cylinder seemed very hot ( heat coming off exhaust) more than normal.
    Thanks Dave C

    Note - I moved this over here in the Dobeck page. You should get some input directly from them here.

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    There's all kinds of info in the self help area that will help you with the settings amongst other things if you check there...

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    clap - Sorry for the delayed response, but we take a long holiday break.

    Recommended TFI settings to start at for your setup would be:
    GRN @ 1:30
    YEL @ 4:00
    RED @ 4:00
    RPM @ 4:00

    If the idle still seems too rich then go ahead and turn the RPM pot to 7:00. This will revert the idle fuel back to stock levels, engage the GRN fuel right above idle, and automatically set the GRN to RED cross over at 4000 rpm.