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    I've been looking for awhile now at different exhaust systems for my 06 Dyna with a 107" motor, I am currently running V&H big radius 2 into 2. I hate the look of the D&D systems and I have always had good luck with V&H. I see on there website they have a new pro pipe chrome, is anyone running this pipe and if so how do you like it. It seems to have a stepped header and muffler on it from what I can see in the tiny pic on their site. It seems to be different than the pro pipe bp, any help would be appreciated.
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    I don't have any experience with the pipe you are inquiring about; however, I've read several of your posts and I know you are pushing HIGH hp/tq #'s. Ever think about the SuperTrapp 2 into 1? Completely tunable and almost always on top of the HP shootouts. I ran one on my Stage 3 EVO and it is a great looking/fairly quiet pipe. Best of luck!