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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Ronbone, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Ronbone

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    I have a 1992 heritage stock evo motor my problem is when i ride with my friends on the freeway at 70 75 miles an hour my bike is screaming. i would like to know if putting a six speed transmission is a good choice.

    Thanks in advance
  2. TQuentin1

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    A six speed tranny will cost between $1K and $4K depending on which one you go with. Less if you get a builder's kit and do the swap out yourself.

    Do your research and decide whether it is worth it just to run with your friends.

    Having said that, I have a '91 Dyna that I am having to rebuild again. This time the tranny is shot, so I HAVE to do something about it. I intend to put in a 6 speed.

  3. karlsbike

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    I just got a 6speed O/D unit for my scoot. Not tried it yet though, but believe this could be a good solution for you as well:
    Depending on configuration, it'll keep your current accelleration with the addition of an overdrive that will reduce the rpm's by 11 or 14% (a lot). Your 92 has a shorter primary gearing than later bikes, and with your 32/70 final gearing (some softails had 65 rear but belive those came a couple of years later) I understand why you want to lower your cruising rpm's.

    Mine is an int'l model, meaning all is same except rear sprocket is a 61 tooth. This equates to 13% lower rpm's throughout the gears = pleasant cruising but too slow accelleration. I will therefore gear her down with either a 70 or most probably a 65 tooth rear. This should give the best of both worlds so to speak: decent accelleration AND cruise rpm's.
    Your alternatives to a 6speed O/D would be a 65 or 61 rear sprocket and a new belt, or the most pro solution; a 6 speed direct drive (less loss in the tranny in top gear) and smaller rear wheel sprocket but those units cost a bit... For your understanding - you can change gearing anywhere, but final is probably best at least if your belt is old...
  4. Ronbone

    Ronbone New Member

    Thanks for your replys everyone have a great day
  5. Mad Dog Jim

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    You might look at changing your front pulley (bigger) or rear pulley (smaller) by a couple teeth. Belt too of course. Give you longer legs at top speed. Of course you'll have longer legs in every gear that way... just a thought, and way less than a new tranny
  6. JBC2565

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    I've got a '98 EVO with a 6 speed. Really drops the rpm's at speed. Recommend you put different oil in tranny. (look up on forum.)
    Would I drop a few grand to replace yours? Probably wait till I had an issue with old one first.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I had a 6 speed conversion Rev-Tec gear set into my 2000 FXDS and it worked well.. Put over 60,000 miles on that conversion USING Redline ShockProof Heavy for the lube..

    I would say IF you can do your own work, The gear set would do what you want..
    If going a Full tranny 6 speed box, I would think to Sell my Old Ride and buy a Low Millage 08 model IF used was an option.

    Now we're Talking :guitar

  8. texas tom

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    You could buy a 6 speed tranny while your at it put in a new twinkie thats rubber mounted,oh then need new frame...could just buy a new bike..or realize it is what it is and thats what it will be there probably is not a real good way to solve your problem if you do anything they will probably put stage two`s in there bikes and still run away from you....
  9. SoonerSoftail

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    Yours might be spinning faster than a new bike but is it really "screaming". It always sounds to me like my engine is really screaming at 70 mph but by the RPM calculations it's really only turning about 3000. Far from screaming.
  10. chrisdeuce00

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    have a 2002 Deuce with a custom 95 kit and i installed a SE 6 speed about two years ago. it was the best thing i have ever done for rideability. lowers crusing RPM and even with a carb and new heavy breather kit, still gets great gas MPG.