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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by 1st harley, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. 1st harley

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    This is my first thread, hope I do this right.
    I need help picking out new tires. I am a new rider a don't like how the
    Dunlap's (402's) ride. I have 02 Softail Standard, with a Superbrace fork
    brace and progressive front springs stock height. I like to try Dunlap's E3
    but they don't my size 80-90-21.They do make a tire 90-90-21, will that
    fit? With out problems! Or do Avon or Metzler work better on this bike.
    Like to find a tire that helps me ride better. I HATE tar snakes!
    Thank you for input and help.
  2. TQuentin1

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    If you look hard enough, you will probably find that ALL tire manufacturers have some sort of issues in the past. I have changed away from the Dunlop D402s on my '03 UC when I found a split in the water groove of the rear tire. I am running the AVON Venoms now, but tire preferences are mostly just opinion. I have not seen any good engineering data on performace, unfortunately. For your info, here is the Dunlop motorcycle tire site:

    Dunlop Tire Catalog

  3. ron1978

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    bought both of mine on ebay, front and rear for less than $225.00
  4. Bud White

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    personal preference you will find a bunch of threads about tires.. i switched to Michelin and am happy
  5. softail 88

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    i have an 88 softail custom and this year i switched my front tire from an 80/90 to a 90/90 it fills the fender better did go from dunlap to avon venom i love the avon
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  6. ol55forever

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    I use the Dunlop 402. As far as the E3 I think is a radial and am not sure whether it would help the so called tar snakes. I just try to avoid them.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Funny thing about tar snakes are that tread pattern from center tread groove being straight or with offset zig zag does not change the feel that much as the huge crisscross patterns that have more tendency to "cup" from my experience with both type patterns. The key here is not to "tense up" on the handlebars and the shimmy over them actually dissipates nicesly..."damped by your arms". It also seems that wear in the rear tire affects that feel more than the front...which is kind of odd.

    Front end "dampening" of vibration and shimmy is affected considerably by the friction losses due to wiring and cable dressing, steering head bearing tightness, freeplay (there should be none), fall away and good old fashion alignment, brake system condition, and tire condition/balancing. Being as you have a bike that is 8 years old or so, might be a good time to check the front end and rear end mechanical fitness just to be sure as well as the tires (the most important and easiest fix).
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