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    Hi all, i have a question and I can't seem to find an answer so I'm turning to the guys that I believe may have a suggestion or two.
    I have a 2004 Heritage. I normally change my own oil & do some of my own small maintenance. that being said I took my bike to a service shop for them to service the bike for a change.
    There is where the problem begins.
    After they serviced the bike & I went to pay they said they found a gash right where the oil filter seats. I won't go in to all details of that conversation but it was not good.
    They finally got the oil filter to seat without leaking but yesterday I changed the oil myself & due to the large gash right where the filter seats I can't get it to stop leaking. I don't know what to do to repair that gash.
    Any ideas?

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    First off, How did the gash get there? I assume you are talking about where the filter seats? You could build it up with some J B weld and smooth it back down to square:s
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    I might try the JB weld but to do the job right you should remove the part to do it right. Since you can pick one up for $40 I would go for the new part and chalk it up to a learning experience. Good find Jack
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    I'm guessing this "gash" wasn't there before you took infor dealer service...?? If so - I'd address w/their service manager because someone @ dealership caused the gash/problem so it's their "right" to fix. Am I wrong here...??
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    i agree with ice man too, i use the sears/k mart claw universal oil filter tool
    but if you had a oil filter that say was installed with/out oil on the seal is would be a bear to get off, & some might try to use a screwdriver/chisel on the mounting flange & whack it with a hammer to get the filter loose; thereby causing a gouge .
    if you have faithfully used a normal oil filter wrench or belt/strap to loosen
    the oil filter there isn't any way you caused this problem.
    did you buy the bike new?
    i'd hope after as mant times as you have changed the oil filter yourself that you would have seen this gouge before.just by looking at ronnies microfiche i hope you could
    r&r the oil filter mount, but i don't see any bolts there. good luck