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  1. noobrider

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    Ok so I am in need of some serious advise . I have a sportster givin to me to try out but I just dont like it lol... I have never ridin before in my life but takin a good course in march to get me started . So the advise I need is which modl is best for me.I am only 5, 6 tall about 190 lbs
    I am in love with the wideglide but not too sure if it would be too big of a bike for me.I know I can lower the bike but would that be enough?... need some opinions on what would be good for me ....besides the sportster....not sure of size difference of each dyna models.
  2. PA 58

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    try the softail models ,standard ,night train or deluxe . they all sit low to begin with and aint that bad to handle

    RAWLDYMAN Active Member

    I think you are going about this the wrong way.
    If you have no experience at all of riding a motorcycle then its too soon to be making a choice about what bike is right for you. Do your training course on a type of bike that you are comfortable with whether that be a Harley or metric cruiser, Jap road bike or whatever. Then when you've got to a competent safe level of riding try out a few different bikes - by that stage you'll have a much better idea of what's best for you. Good luck.
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  4. Rubyred

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    I have to agree with Rawldyman. Learn and get proficient on a smaller bike and as your skills progress then look for a bigger bike.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Harley rental at your local dealer may be a good idea:s
  6. RUSHMORE_14

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    Safety course is the best thing I ever did
  7. leeanders

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    Buy a Dyna Supersport - just make sure it has tubeless tires. Over the years I've owned a Sportster, two Dynas, and now a Fatboy. Having to do it over again - I'd stay with the Dyna. On the showroom floor, most are equipped with spoked tube type tires - however, you can request tubeless tires that will go with the spokes - if that's the wheel you want. In my opinion, tubed tires will get you hurt, should you pick up a nail on the road.
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    Some day you will own a bagger..... So why not cut to the chase and gitter done!!!!!:)
  9. RUSHMORE_14

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    True....realized after 2nd bike
  10. ImaRider

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    You don't mention if you have any riding experience on dirt bikes so I am going to guess none. If someone gave you a Sportster they are pretty nice people.
    Your taking the MSF course in March? Usually they have 250cc bikes to train on. There is a big difference from one of those to a v twin and it is a learning curve to be sure.
    You also didn't mention if you are interested in a new bike or a used one? I would hold off on a new bike until I had some experience riding what I had. Don't know what it is you don't like about the sportster but all things can be changed.
    Dealers will give test rides but I am not sure they will let a new license holder without riding experience take out a new bike.
    Give yourself time to finish the course and ride some before thinking about a different bike. This is just my opinion so feel free to disregard it.