Need help.How to take down the headlight fairing

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by peteG30, May 6, 2009.

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    need to replace a speaker on my new 2000 FLHT,first bagger...any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Remove the outer fairing and windshield as follows:
    a. Standing at the front of the motorcycle, loosen the
    three T27 TORX screws (with flat washers) just
    below the windshield. See Figure 2-162.
    b. Raise and remove the windshield from between the
    inner and outer fairings.
    c. Moving to the inner fairing side, remove the two
    screws outboard of the speakers on the left and
    right side.
    d. Turn the handlebar to the right and remove screw by
    reaching in below the left side of the fairing cap.
    Turn the handlebar to the left and remove screw
    below right side of the fairing cap.
    e. Returning to the front of the motorcycle, remove the
    three screws below the windshield.
    f. Tilting the outer fairing forward, remove headlamp
    connector [38] at the back of the headlamp assembly.
    g. Lift the outer fairing off the motorcycle.
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    I remove all 3 screws to make it easier to remove the shield. If you don't loosen the screws enough and do too much wiggling around you run the risk of cracking the shield. After the shield is out, I replace the center screw to hold everything in place while removing all the others. Center shield screw then comes out last while standing in front of the bike, straddling the front tire/fender and holding the outer fairing so it doesn't drop. Place an old beach towel or some other padding on the front fender and you can rest the outer fairing on it while you disconnect the headlight.

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    KW - thank you for your detailed early posting. Welcome to HDTimeline, a lot of good stuff in here to help keep your ride and machine in top shape. Hope you enjoy your "Reading After Riding"

    DD - as alway there are some little details that make a big difference, thank you for the insight.
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    Thanks Knotwillig :cheers