Need Help. Bike won't start.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Smittytoo, May 12, 2014.

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    We stopped for my girlfriend to gas up yesterday, I shut my bike off, when we went to leave, my bike wouldn't start. Messed around with it for a while, it's getting spark so I'm assuming it's a fuel issue, ended up trailering it home.
    I read the codes last night and I'm a little overwhelmed.
    Here's what I got: P1001, P1511, P2101, P2119, P2176, P0031. A couple of these are related to the Throttle actuator Control.
    It's a 2011 Police Electraglide with a little over 12,000 miles. I've had a crank position sensor fail on my truck before and that's what this is like. Bike was running fine, shut it off, and then no start.
    I'm about 350 miles from home so I'll be traveling most of today, gonna recharge the battery when I get home and see if I can figure it out, any advice would be appreciated.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS FOR OTHERS TO TRY...... OTHER Ways to accomplish the same results..............

    MY Quick check Without pressure gauge to check the pump.

    Take off the air cover and the air cleaner element.

    Using a SMALL amount of raw gas in a Sprayer, Give it a little squirt into the butterfly area..... Standing way aside, try to start the bike... IF it tries to start, give it a little more raw fuel and see IF you can keep it running... NEVER do I put my face close to the intake as it may Blow back...
    I Always have a CO2 instant out extinguisher Right there,,,,PIN Pulled and Ready...

    IF you get it running and it dies when you don't put fuel to it...... You narrowed it down.

    Just the easy way to see IF it is the Pump OR?

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    At last, something I know about. Fire Extinguishers, My company sells and services them. The reason Bubbie says use a CO2 FX is because a dry chemical extinguisher can ruin the engine. The CO2 will displace the 02 and stop the chemical action. Another choice would be halon, halotron, FE 236 or other clean agents.

    Now, my 2002Road King died a couple of days ago as I was riding down the street. I finally did get it started, but was wondering is there is a low oil pressure sensor that will stop the fuel flow?
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    I have found it very quick and easy to just smell the exhaust while someone cranks the engine. If you smell unburned gas you probably don't have a fuel problem. If no gas smell then you have a fuel problem. If you have fuel and you suspect a failed component I would locate the corresponding wires at the ECM or wherever they terminate and check not only the component but the related wiring. I have found more than my share of broken wires, usually at or in front of the steering neck. You will need a wiring diagram for this.