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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by cgosling, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Based on info presented in this forum, I am pretty sure that my vss is going bad. My roadking has all of the symptoms:

    Speedometer works fine and then suddenly goes dead. The idle is rough or not existent after the speedo goes dead and my turn signals do not cancel after the speedo dies.

    My question is when i check the error codes, no error is indicated for the vss, however I did get a P0152 code rear oxygen sensor error. Would this error be the result of the vss problem?

    In the last 2 weeks, I have changed the plugs, the oil and yesterday changed the transmission and belt chain oils. All are the recommend HD oils and plugs. The bike has 29000 miles on it and I have owned for several weeks, so I am big on maintenance and starting in a place where I know the baseline, not counting on someone else's word on maintenance.

    I have notice from time to tome that my idle will wander, sometimes feel like a galloping horse at 40 mph.

    I am pretty sure that the vss has been going bad for some time but the tranny oil changed spurred things along.

    I reset the code and went for 15 minute ride, when I returned there was no error code as of yet.

    I think that the culprit is the vss for all my problems, fyi, the bike came from dallas and now resides at 5500 feet above sea level in the desert.

    Do you think my thoughts are correct?

    thanks for any assistance you can offer:20:
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    I would say the VSS is a good possibility.