Need Advice on which one!?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by speedrcr, Jul 8, 2008.

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    I am about to start a "bagger" project and I am looking for advice on which year and model I should look at ....and why!

    What I'm thinking....
    I think I am leaning at the Road King line....because not sure I need the full baggers...but I do like the Street Glide!?

    I will be doing some customizing (stretch tank, clean up the rear end, etc). I will ride solo most of the time, but hopefully the wife will join sometimes. I am looking at doing some longer rides (the pro-street isn't as much fun on rides longer that a hour or two!)...but not going nuts...not going cross country! I would like a windshield some time, but not most of the time. ...will be looking at smoothing it out, and going long and low!

    * Which model and why?
    * What year (looking at used) in that model and why?
    * What do think about wheel going to a larger rear wheel..but not crazy! ...taller front!?
    * Anything to watch out for on the used bike?

    And, if you know anyone...I am looking to do a trade + cash for my custom show/magazine featured Pro-street (started life as a '05 Big Dog, Bull Dog model) can see photos @, in the projects section. I can also email you a spec sheet.

    Thanks in advance...and I look forward to being a very active member!
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    IMO, look at the 2002 RK's. They have the best motors/cranks and other parts, cam tensioners should be checked every 25K as usual. Go gear drive if it bothers you checking them. Keep the 16" wheels unless you want the glitz, they ride better too.