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  1. Jim B.

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    I live in an area where motorcycle thefts are pretty rare and my 09 Road Glide is always parked in a locked garage. I have a Smart Alarm II (with pager) and a disk lock/alarm. I'm riding to Sturgis this year and would appreciate any suggestions regarding additional precautions I should take to keep my bike from getting stolen. Thanks.
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    How about something along this line: Picture

    It's the yellow thing attacked to the brake rotor. You could carry it in your pocket and I bet the right design and color would be hard to see. My guess is a thief would move on before trying to locate the reason why your wheel doesnt spin.
    There is a small wheel lock that you can put through the rotor of the tire. It prevents the wheel from rotating more then 3/4 of a turn. It is very tiny and with the right color or design I bet you wouldnt even know its there in the heat of the moment. I had a friend use them and they looked like just the thing for bike protection. Type in google motorcycle wheel lock and find the smallest device you can and that will be what I am talking about.
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    There's no such thing as theft-proof, so the best thing you can do is put enough trouble into taking your bike, that a potential thief just moves to an easier target. You're already there with the Smart Siren II and wheel lock. If you're riding with a group, consider something to link the bikes together as well. Just remember, the more trouble you make it for the thief, and the more attention it would draw to them in the act, the more likely they will just find an easier target.

    Hope that helps.

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    Watch where you park it, lock it, pay up the insurance. IMHO, if a pro bike thief wants it, it's pretty much gone, but if at a Motel usually they will let you park up by the lobby and will keep an eye on it for you. I've got a sportster and I have been known to put it in the room, and they don't steel the sportys to much, but it's mine and paid for so I guess I'm just weird.
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    Along with the HD security system I also use a Disk brake lock with alarm so the bike has 2 alarms and is twice as loud & I also use a disk brake lock reminder cord , the thief can see the cord & it also reminds you that the disk brake lock is on the rotor . I also carry a cable & lock for when I am at a motel so I can lock the bike to a light pole or tree or anything I can lock to , if nothing is available I will run the cable through the rear wheel & the frame locking the rear wheel Also it is a good practice to get in the habit of locking the ignition & front wheel on your bike all the time even if you leave it for just a short time such as going inside of the gas station or using rest rooms ect ect . Get in the habit of locking your bike all the time not just on road trips so it becomes automatic to you so your bike is secure no matter where you are riding .
  6. juke

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    I'm a little concerned about security also and wonder if the HD security system with the added Siren II and pager is going to be enough.
  7. STEVE07

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    I have the HD security system and insurance,I won't go any further than that.
    I don't worry about it and I definately won't lose sleep over it. If it ever gets stolen,which I doubt will happen then I will fight it out with the insurance company.I have every receipt for anything ever done to it.

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    Like Smitty says, beyond two locks (at least one secured to a solid object) and your Smart Alarm II there comes a point where you are beating a dead horse. The key here is your security measures are "low key" and under most peoples radar. If your HD has a bullseye or would-be-thief's crosshairs on it, there is not much you can do.
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    Lock it up with what you have and then cover it with a Honda/Suzuki/ Yamaha or similar bike cover. :D
    Ugly John
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Bike cover implies the bike is going to be left alone for a long while...which attracts unneeded attention. I have a Harley cover that UNFORTUNATELY has a logo on it, but got it at such a great price. As such, I rarely use it unless in a large group of other HD bikes if long term parking.