Need Advice, 2009 FLHRC tuning, please

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by danthern, May 16, 2012.

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    Hi Guys...I haven't posted in a while but I've recently traded my 2010 FXDC for a 09 Road King Classic with the 103 upgrade. About 3K on the rebuild, almost 19K on the bike (love it, by the way...!). Rush slip-ons, stock breather and the MoCo download. I believe that the tuning leaves some to be desired. I had a K&N high flow, a TFI and Rush slip ons on my Dyna (ran awesome), and I'm thinking that the King would benefit from this. She starts hard sometime, has a bit of popping and sounds "tight" when I shut it down. Am I accurate in my line of thought? Doesn't it need to breathe or does the download make the proper adjustments? It just feels like a timing issue to me. Your thoughts are appreciated.
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    Jack has you covered here...

    TFI or a Gen3 would give you the fuel NEEDED to help out and clear-up your problem.

    Remembering the TFI on your other bike..??... Give this motor the Same Help.. you will have a Much better running bike.

    The downloads for what they DON'T do are a Money grabbing JOKE as far as I see. The EPA RULES HD.

    Stick to a WINNER==== Dobecks and get OUR 50$ member discount along with FREE shipping..

    Send them a PM "first" saying you as a member are going to get???? "PM that to Chris" OR Just call them using your name and HDT Forum name...ORDER IT from Chris,,, Put that puppy on and RIDE like the wind.:D

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    I think to get the best from the bike an upgrade to the air cleaner as well as a tfi /gen 3 /gen 4 would be my choice

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    Thank you gentlemen, I thought as much. Dobeck it is....Think I'll go with another K&N breather unless you guys have strong opinions about them....worked well on my Dyna and not too expensive....Thanks as always for the help....I'll post back when I've done the work and let y'all know how it goes. BTW, leaving on a 9-10K cross country trip from my home in Alabama to the west coast via the Rockies with a British Columbia leg in 3 short weeks!! Want to be certain this baby is in top form....thanks again!