Need a little info on seat bracket

Discussion in 'FXR Models' started by biker53, May 12, 2013.

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    I found one of those HD passenger seat with built in backrest w/tall sissybar.In the accessory catalog 1995(bike is 1992 FXRS-CON), it states a different bracket is needed -see dealer.I attempted to mount it using the stock pillion seat bracket.With the rearmost screw in loosely and the seat pushed all the way forward,the two forward bolts (for bracket) do not even enter the slots in the big rear seat.The washers just overlap the slots and as I tighten the bolts very little of those washers overlap.
    Well most often I don't want to lose my sweety when the seat comes out of the slots.I've searched all the instructions and tech bulletins and can't find a thing regarding mounting of this seat.I was hoping the parts breakdown for an fxrt would show a different bracket for the front of pillion seat but it is the same as all th other fxr's.
    I can probably cob something but would rather not.does anyone have one of these mounted and can explain to me how the front bracket differs from my stock pillion's bracket.Or point me to the correct info.
    I really don't think my HD dealer would be able to help.I think this bike is older than their parts guy.