My Riding Seasons Over :(

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Zamadan, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Zamadan

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    Saturday I was stopped at a red light positioned in the inside lane with two motorcycles ahead of me at the light and two or more vehicles had stopped behind me. The light turned green and I prepared to proceed as soon as the first two bikes started to advance into the intersection. Just as I was going to apply the gas and release the clutch I was struck from behind by the vehicle behind me. Felt bad because I was preventing him from going through the intersection a little quicker (Sarcasm).

    My wife and I are ok except she is a little sore where her back rest was forced up against her as she was flung back and I have sore elbows as I held onto the bars as I flew back.

    Happy I have full coverage on the bike but my riding season is over. Dealer said it could take up to six months to get OEM painted parts etc. Fender, signal light bar etc. Taking it to the dealer today for an appraisal and will make sure they strip the rear end down to the frame to make sure all damage is identified and repaired with OEM parts, I’m not going to go with any jobber stuff. .

    Anyone else got any hints as to what to look for, example: I’m going to get them to inspect the pipes to ensure there are no cracks up by the heads that could result in a break in the future etc. I’m confident there is no frame damage up front and the swing arm seemed to miss any damage.

    07 FLHT

    You all have a safe ride out there; I will wave from the sidelines.
  2. JBK 1

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    Sorry to hear about you bike man, but glad you and your wife didn't get more seriously hurt...or worse.

  3. Hill202

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    Sorry about your troubles. I wonder why it is taking 6 months to get OEM painted parts?
  4. Redfish-Joe

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    Glad ya'll are OK. Parts can be replaced.
  5. cedarbrook63

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    Bad bad story Zamadan - I'm just glad you're both ok. It just never ceases to amaze me how inattentive and switched off some car drivers are. Hope they get your bike back on the road sooner than your post.
  6. Rewind

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    Sorry to hear of your accident. I'm glad you and the wife are ok!!!
  7. glider

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    Glad it wasn't any worse for you and the wife. Have them inspect the frame for anything out of order. If necessary have them laser check the frame for it's straightness as long as insurance is picking up the tab.

    Something like this, not recommending them just showing you what it's about.

    Motorcycle Frame Straightening Repair
  8. martin14

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    sorry to hear, glad to hear it wasn't worse.

    get the frame inspected carefully.

    p.s. Gliders link has a DIY frame check as well...
  9. Dr. Dolittle

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    Man, that really stinks. You weren't doing anything wrong! I'm totally thankful you and your wife came out as well as you did.
  10. threesteps

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    Sorry to hear about the accident. Glad you and your wife are ok.

    Sounds like you got good advice from Glider about the frame. You mentioned your exhaust system may be damaged. If it took a lick I would press to have a complete replacement. I wouldn't want to discover some stress fracture a few months after a partial repair.

    Best of luck in getting the bike back on the road in tip top shape.