My leather, or your suit???

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    Many years ago for my bachelor party we took a ride around Lake Erie. We left Ohio on a Friday and arrived in Detroit Friday evening. We gambled and had a good time like a bunch of single guys on a bachelor party should do! Saturday morning we took off and arrived in Buffalo late Saturday afternoon. I was hungry and wanted a a good dinner. I spoke to the girl at the front desk, she recommended a restaurant called The Como. we all jumped on the bikes and headed to the place. when we arrived, dressed in our road leathers and pretty nasty from our days journey, the place was packed. I parked my bike on the front curb and wandered in to see how long of a wait. People were lined up down the sidewalk dressed up in evening dresses and suits. I quickly realized we may be in the wrong environment! I gave the lady my name (cause I was starving) and headed back to my bike. On my way out, a little old guy stopped me and asked how many in your party? I replied there are 5 of us. He said "go get them" so I did. The gentleman escorted us to a table for 10! I told him he didn't need to do this but he insisted, so we sat. A few minutes later he sends a bottle of wine over for us! I thought that was funny! As we sat and laughed and had fun he kept coming over and checking on us, along with out waitress. Our waitress told us he's the owner! A few minutes later he came up to us and said gentlemen, lets go for a walk. Now we are in a 100% Italian restaurant! At this point i start to get a little worried. He took us on a tour of his place. They own the restaurant and a catering business. They also owned a party hall with a wedding going on at the time. He walked us right threw the middle of the wedding! We walked for a good 1/2 hour threw the kitchen and all over, it was fun! He returned us to our table where our food was waiting on us. We ate. It was delicious!! we sat about another hour and a half having desert and chatting. We go to leave and he says "boys I have your bill" we insisted no way but he wasn't having it! As we shook hands and thanked him he gave me a card and introduced me to his son, Mario Jr. He looked me in the eye and said, if you have any problems ever in the falls area give them that card, tell them you know me and sit tight! Fortunately I never had to use the card! Right before we walked out I asked the little old man, why? He said look around your surrounded by suits and dresses. He said I wanted to make sure you were comfy and knew you were welcome in my place anytime you want. We left and had a great weekend. I was so taken back by this guys service I continued to visit The Como when ever I can. Not to long after this incident he was greeting people on Christmas Eve. He stepped off the curb and was struck dead by a motorist. What a shame. To this day I still visit and tell all my friends to visit and say hello. His son Mario still runs the bar side and still knows us as "The Guys from Cleveland on the Bikes". We still laugh about that day almost 20 years ago. We did the ride so much after that (once a year) we dedicated a ride called "The Como Run". Mario received his patch he displayed in his bar for years. Ours on our vests. If your ever in the Niagara Falls area swing by, tell Mario about this post and let him know "The Guys from Cleveland on the Bikes" sent you. I promise you will enjoy. I posted under this thread because of the location of their place.
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    Cool story! Thanks for sharing.
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    Absolutely awesome!

    I visit my brother occasionally who lives in Rochester so I might have to make a short road trip over to Como's.