My Friends close call

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    For the last 3 Saturdays some of my riding buddies and I have been meeting at a different restaurant for Saturday breakfast and fellowship. Yesterday there were 3 of us that met. One friend rides a UClassic. After breakfast & a trip to a close HD dealer to look around, we went our separate ways home. I had been home for about 30 minutes when my friend with the Ultra C called me. I could tell in his voice he was very shook up. He said on his way to another errand he was going down I-485
    about 65 mph when he suddenly lost air pressure in the rear tire. The bike violently when left/right left ect. He kept his head, but said he was scoping out the best place to lay it down, because it felt like it was going down.... all along though he kept telling himself just a little longer... Finally he got it stopped on an off ramp. We are giving the credit to our Lord for protecting him during this scarey situation. We got his bike home via a trailer & found a pencil size hole puncture left of center in his rear tire... nothing was found in the tire. What I surmise happen was that he picked up screw/bolt, piece of steel or something while we were out, and when he got up to speed on the interstate, the centrifical force plus a warm tire slung out the culprate there by releasing very quickly the air pressure.
    Here's what we are going to do when we ride as a group from now on. We are going to try to pay closer attention to each others tires, at stops, & when we start off from lights ect for things that may be in the tires or tires that look lower in pressure than are suppose to. We do our own safety checks before we leave home, but things can happen at any time.
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    Good to hear that it ended only with the need for a new tire. It could have been much worse if he didn't keep his head about him.
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    Thanks for sharing your story. And your right that the higher power can help overcome obstacles. Glad to hear your friend kept his head and was able to get stopped safely.
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    Glad to hear your friend came out of the ordeal.
    there is usually just 2 of us that ride together, and we do check out each others bikes at stop lights etc. never hurts to have another set of eyes, we have caught a couple things that you couldn't see while sitting on the bike.

    ride safe
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    Thanks for sharing, glad your friend did not panic
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    Glad to hear he's ok. Here's the reason why you need to pratice those emergency procedures. Most importantly, like Steve said, keep your wits about you. And never, never give up on the equipment. The bike will do alot more than you think it will in those type of situations.
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    The hand of God was on your friend that day. I'm glad that he was okay. It is always a good idea to pretrip your scoot before heading out on a ride. One time my friends pointed out to me that my rear tire was looking pretty bad. In my stubborn head I guess I wanted to make it to the end of the season. After listening to their logical reasoning on why I shouldn't ride around on it any further I decided not to put it off any longer. We shouldn't mess around with faulty tires.
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    Harry, happy that things worked out ok for your friend. We NEVER know what is in store for us tomorrow - good thing to keep God in your life - at least we DO KNOW who holds our tomorrows.

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    Glad your friend and his UC made it home safely. I recently had a rear tire that had chunks missing out of the tread. I was lucky enough to be at home and something told me to look at my tire on my RK when I was about to get in to my truck. I had just returned from a ride that I was planning on doing most of the day but something came up and had to go in my truck. I think that was the way of the good Lord looking after me that day.
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    I'm glad everything turned out good for your friend. I have been in that same spot before. I was going down I-75 when it happen to me. I was able to keep my bike up as well and I know the feeling he had. Thumbs up for keeping his cool and keeping him and the bike upright.