My first fall

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by AZDave, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. AZDave

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    Well like you all say not if but when. Saturday out for a ride took exit off freeway one that drops right away down to the street and a pickup truck stopped half way down. I tried to stop but I was slowing down from 55 and there was not enough room. 30 ft skid almost to a stop and down I went. Bike is in great shape just bent my running board some and my light bar. Both I should be able to bend back but I broke a bone in my foot and dislocated my big toe. My jeans saved my legs, my gloves savied my hands my helmet never hit the ground but my boots saved my foot from a total loss. people stopped to help which was nice. I checked the bike out and road home then the cage to the urgentcare. On the way a few bikers passed in shorts, thin shoes and no protective gear. If they only new the pain of a 2 inch rasberry on an elbow. I am looking at a few pictures I took at the seen to see what I did wrong and learn to ride better.

    Ride Safe
  2. softailhog

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    I see people riding all the time in shorts, flip-flops, tank tops, and then full face helmets.
    What can they possibly be thinking? I wear a helmet even when I don't have to, just in case. Anyway, glad you and your ride are OK. The fact that you are making an effort to learn from the experience shows a great level of maturity and intelligence. I wish those other riders I see out there would take the time to improve their skills. You can't change the actions of the cages, you just have to be prepared the best you can be for whatever happens. Good luck and ride safe.
  3. Crazyfrog

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    Glad your able to tell us about it, and we're not just reading about it.
    Heal up fast, it sounds like you can get her back on the road without many issues.

    00BUCKSHOT Junior Member

    glad your ok hope you have a speedy recovery also
  5. grtscot

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    glad to hear you had your gear on roadrash isnt much fun.
  6. dcofer

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    Hey glad you are ok two weeks ago this friday the same thing almost happened to me but I did manage somehow to get stopped with about 6 inches to spare and did sucessfully keep the bike up but was too close for comfort thats for sure. Hope you have a speedy recovery, glad you that you weren't hurt any worse. I know the Lord rides with us sometimes.
  7. Breeze3at

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    Dave; Glad you're ok. Most of what you think is bent on the footboard may be just the brackets slipped. I had an oops, and thought my r. footboard was trashed, turns out the brackets slipped, there was a ding in the edge of the board that I hammered out.
  8. bikemikewcr

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    Sorry to hear of your get off but glad you and the bike are for the most part ok.
  9. Davidw2415

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    Glad to hear both you and your bike received only relatively minor damage and not something worse.
  10. horizonchaser

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    Glad you walked away from it and the bike is ok. I see to many obituaries with fallen bikers and it is a stark, sobering reminder of what could potentially lie in wait for all of us if we aren't careful.

    Be safe!