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    I need to vent, i will try to keep it short but to the point, after a 2 week road trip from tampa-n.y. and states in between on my motorcycle, i was in fla, on the way back, i stopped in a Fla. rest area.
    I pulled into an empty spot, and as usual the location dipped down a bit, and as many who ride know most bikes do not have a reverse, so backing the bike in is best to avoid problems getting out. After backing in the bike, some kind of LEO? (I didn't see arm emblem) but he had a weapon on his hip. So after i get my helmet, sunglasses off and turn bike off, he comes over to me, and in that what i would call, fla. southern drawl, says to me, "You need to turn that around, because flawrida law enforcement wants to see your tags" then turns around and walks i was annoyed,i mean i was probably going to be there long enough to make a pee stop and get a bottle of water. So in my mind even if a LEO did come by common sense tells me they would wait a min or two to see if i was in compliance with the law or get out of their car and look at the plates? Anyways i made him wait a few minutes as i got re-dressed, lit a cigar, and then rode away. Is there a law about this? and even if it is (which i am sure is a law for everything).
    but i would think the Leo's in fla. would not be thinking ticket normally if i was not creating a problem. just venting here, but he seemed to be busting my shoes. later..ryd..
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    Being a LEO, I would think, if it wasn't posted then its not a law, plus the fact the officer never said it was against the law to back into the parking place. Hope after this happened, you still had a good trip
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    Just a bored rest stop cop. If backing in was illegal, Daytona bike week could fund the entire state budget.:D
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    I can see where this would irritate you but I think we all realize the best course of action is a polite, "yes sir" and then comply with the LEO's request. Good job not taking this to another level, which would have been an entirely different post!

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    The real answer is HE rode a Honda with a reverse gear and JUST wanted to Rub it in to Us Harley guys..:newsmile08:

    I think he was a little Lax in His understanding of Innocent until Guilty approach here.. Most of the leo's i know,would of probably said Nothing..

    No I'm not a Leo but run with a few Good ones... I DO pack and wear my Nice silver star as I do enforce the law especially when it applies to me..

    It is just like, I pack open most of the time, a big 40 on my hip. Usually some cover from a over shirt worn open like a coat.. Do have permits to carry .
    I had a problem once i didn't think necessary:

    A Wa.state trooper pulling next to me Looking (I thought at my black sporty)while I was at a local gas station filling my ride, in my home Little town.

    no too unusual as my sport was a beautiful bike..

    He left and when I pulled out to the main street, HE laid rubber out after me,hit his reds and blues along with the siren.... Right on me, scaring me as I never thought That would happen.... pulling out onto a 25 mile speed zone all two lanes (small town)...
    30 feet into the lane.. Bam

    He yelled KEEP your Hands on the handle bars and then asked about the Fully concealed package i carried, he said "he could see the bulge... asking IF i had a carry license,,,Yes i replied. Asking to see it, I produce it to him, when he returned I asked Why the stop..

    He said,,, """ pretty much""" I noticed the bulge under you leather , I thought Hmmmm since you are in a Black leather jacket and chaps with the bulge and long hair with a beard,,,, I'd pull you over to check you out...

    Then asking for my driver license and back to his cruiser,checking it out also.. delayed me for about 15 minutes and let me go..

    I knew the two other state troopers in our area and rode Down the street 2 blocks from where he stopped me, to ask them about the guy.

    They were both chuckling about it as i asked them.. The officer I knew well well said to me"""" He's new here and out of california, thinks guns should only be in Our Hands..

    NOT all are like this THANKFULLY but there are a few around....

    Yes i was dressed in black leather and had a big bulge in my hip area, Long hair and Black beard. but the way he stopped me wasn't what bothered me the most it was what he answered to my question "WHY" that bother me the most...

    I haven't seen him back around and that was years back.... 1996 area of time.. Black beard no more..Greying... No grey.

    Yes, I've been told years back, a state trooper Needs NO reason to stop you in Wa. state to Just check you out, that is allowed. BUT what he said....

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    The Feds have given the states extra funding to stop us at will to check for registration and proof of insurance, imagine that in Florida where you are not required to carry insurance on a Motorcycle. Sorry to hear you were embarrassed, I think it is wrong but I try to comply with LEO
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    I would have politely told him I was backed in to avoid having issue when pulling out; to please step around and view the tags. If that was an issue we could always view them when I pulled away after I was finished with my stop.

    He simply asked you to do something and you simply asked him something in return. No laws broken, no attitude..he could work with you as much as you work with him.
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    You did well not to say what you wanted......Its not worth it..:)
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    yes, i did not talk at all to him, shook my head a bit in disbelief, and rode on, but wondering to myself later, what about bike rally's, daytona, leesburg,etc..and parking lots when i go with my car shopping, i back in many times so i can see traffic easier and safer.. in any case its over and just thought to vent, maybe pass this on in case others run into this. later ryd :newsmile036:
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    I dont get it, he must have been wanting to push someone around. 90% of the time I back my blazer into spots and I allways back the bike in just a habbit, but I like to pull straight out. If that is a law, then we need to fire those guys because they have to much time on their hand and spend that money fixing the pot holes on the interstate.
    I carry a smith and wesson M&P 40 and have a license to do so, but like bubbie that is a scary thing getting stopped by the law guns drawn and pointed at you. Been there done that!! The license stops you from getting in trouble but it dosnt stop you from being treated like a criminal!!!:small3d023: