My 1st all GPS road trip

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by Breeze3at, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Breeze3at

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    I'm a mapper. I have drawers of them, books of them. Maps or Atlas' are within arms reach of most places that I sit in the house. I enjoy planning trips. I have favorite roads, but I try to use every alternative road possible on my motorcycle rides. I have had my GPS for over a year and have used it as an aid on trips, nothing more.
    I visited my brother in SC last weekend. I've been there several times, but always in the cage, so Interstate highways were the route. This time I put his address in my Garmin and selected "fastest route" with highway avoidance enabled and took off. I put all my trust in the GPS No map for back up. It was a cloudy day and by the time I was 50 miles from home, I had no idea where I was going, but I did what the screen showed. I made it to his house in the time it said I would, and the miles it estimated was spot on (311 on my odo./306 on the gps, about the same % difference as mph discrepancy between the speedo/gps). The GPS took me down roads I never would have picked on a map, if they even showed on a map. Several times I had to stop and use the zoom to reassure myself that I was ok. On the way home, I selected "shortest distance" and it took me on a totally different route (still good).
    I think I'll still use maps so I get the "warm fuzzy" feeling of knowing where I am, but the gps will be on standby.
  2. Duane53

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    The GPS is a good tool, but like you I still carry maps just in case I want to change plans. When on the road i never know what drirection I might want to go. Plus they are still a good back up.
  3. Mainah

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    I also have been fascinated by maps of all kinds. One of my jobs was designing CATV systems for the company I worked for so I got up close and personal with maps. Learned to use map and compass when I was young and spent a lot of time wandering in the woods.

    Got my first GPS two years ago and have used it with great success although I still carry maps and a DeLorme atlas just in case. I like the idea that I can program in the gas stations and doughnut shops which allow me to push a little farther before I have to stop.

    I guess GPS is the way of the future, even the mappers use them now.
  4. martin14

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    Being in Europe, the roads are such mess here, can't live without one.

    We have two. :)
  5. R_W_B

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    Yep, they are great. Two things though, sometimes I do better just following the purple line on my GPS screen rather than listening to her since she sometimes says turn left when she really means veer to the left, in a split in the interstate.

    Also every year download updated maps or new construction will have you going in circles in the cities and Airport entry roads.
  6. marcus22

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    im sure they are great. I still like to do my road trips by the old way of looking at a map. who knows i might get lost.:D
  7. Trek

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    I have yet to do a long trip but I look forward to just heading out without a map and go where ever the road may take me.
  8. glenalt

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    I love the GPS. I ride roads that I would never take without it. I say whatever works for ya.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Breeze, glad you took the time to explore and use your GPS. :D They will grow on you...the key being "check and double check the desination address. Be careful of streets like East 225th in Salt Lake City which will drive you AND your GPS crazy. And if you have a general path, knowing and punching in intermediate towns or cities so you can plan your route and ETA accordingly. :coffee

    On my Tom-Tom it has a text mode so you can review the route...if you so choose. Work with the tool, in awhile you will really enjoy it as your primary way to go, the maps you carry for planning alternate destinations if you so choose...the best of both worlds. :s
  10. bcortani

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    We love our Garmin...