Mustang, TFI, and Heavy Breather, Thank You!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by RamDiver, Jun 10, 2009.

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    First, a very warm THANK YOU to all of you who consistently contribute your knowledge and expertise! Though I have only recently joined the forum as a member, I've been a faithful follower of the many forum threads since I stumbled upon HD Talking in June of 2007. That was the purchase date of my first Harley, a 2007 Fat Boy. I have recently traded the Fat Boy for a 2009 Road King, and I couldn't be more impressed! Though I absolutely loved the Fat Boy, the RK is a terrific bike. I now understand all of the rave from those who ride the touring line!

    I'm posting for the first time to say thanks to all who have provided tons of insightful information that have helped me make many decisions over the years. Though I'm certainly new to all of you, I feel as though I know so many of you from the thousands of posts you've offered.

    I'm also posting to vent some of the anxiety having just emptied the wallet once again on a set of Mustang seats (solo, rear, and bib), a TFI unit, and a heavy breather. It's all your fault!! Joking of course. Having had the Mustang seat on my Fat Boy, it was time to make the switch on the Road King. Have only 1,400 miles on it so far, and that was 1,400 miles too many without a Mustang set up. The seat should be here by the weekend. My behind can't wait! I'm 6'2", 270 lbs, and the plastic stock buckets just can't go the distance.

    The TFI unit is a complete unknown for me, but having spent hours reading all of the posts regarding this unit, I'm convinced it's the way to go. Glider, thank you especially for presenting this unit (and defending it!). You were right, Chris was a terrific guy to deal with! BTW, they are still offering the discount to forum members. (Yes, I confess that was part of the reason for finally becoming a member!) TFI will be here by the weekend as well. Nervous, and excited at the same time. I've always done my own work, and will continue to do so, thanks to all of you.

    Lastly, Smitty and Hobbit, the two of you finally tipped the scales in my book to go with the heavy breather. Absolutely love the look, and based on your reactions, couldn't resist! Picked it up last night. Can't wait to get at it later this week!

    My apologies for the length of the post, but I finally had to weigh in. Guess it's been building for two years! I plan on taking photos of the entire process, if any are interested, and will post once I figure out how. Glider, am I correct in that I must have several posts before being able to do so?

    Thanks once again, and please keep up the excellent support and info. Much appreciated!
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    Glad to hear you got some useful info here and we were able to steer you in the right direction with your choices. Don't forget those pics, you need 5 posts before you can post pics but we will be waiting on them.

    Shouldn't have waited so long to finally join.:D
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    Welcome aboard. Glad you finally took the plunge!!

    And great to see that you are so excited over your new lady. Treat her right, and she will return in-kind.

    Lastly, I sure you have seen it repeatedly during your lurking phase, but get yourself the HD Factory Service Manual covering the '09 RK. Will pay for itself in short order.


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    You have me there, no argument!

    I do have a question regarding the heavy breather that I'm hoping someone can answer. In studying the installation instructions, there's an adapter ring provided that is to be used if the bike is equipped with a 50mm induction module. I've gone backwards and forwards through my service manual, but for the life of me, I can't figure out if I have a 50mm or 58mm induction module on my 2009 RK. I have the twist grip sensor. Adapter is not needed if 58mm. I'm guessing that will become apparent once I get into it, but was hoping to have my ducks in a row ahead of time. Any thoughts?

    Sorry, two questions! The kit also supplies an induction module cover that it states is optional. However, I've noticed when looking at pictures like those found in the 2009 Harley Accessories catalog, I never see the black cover on Dynas or Softails, but I always see them on the touring bikes. Do I need this? I noticed that Smitty did not install a cover, but I'm not sure if his kit included one for - I think - his '07. Smitty, if you're watching, I'd appreciate your thoughts!

    Wow, was interrupted while typing the above by the arrival of the Mustang seats. I only ordered them yesterday afternoon! I'm impressed!

    Thanks again!

    TQuentin: You are absolutely correct, and the service manual was my first purchase, following the bike!

    ...lurking phase...that's pretty good!
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    should have a 50 mm throttle body the 58 is a SE part
  6. mrkihn

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    the black cover cover the fly by wire motor on the 09 touring models
    the other09 bikes in the HD line don't have fly by wire yet .
    fly by wire came out in 08 on most of the touring models
  7. RamDiver

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    Bud and Mrkihn: Much appreciated.

    The new Mustang seats are on the bike. What a difference. Undeniable quality, and a great look and feel. No chance to ride due to storms, and I'm waiting on the TFI before starting on the heavy breather.

    Can't wait to try it all out this weekend.

    All that leaves is a final decision on which slip-ons to go with. Down to Rush, Rinehart, and V&H ovals. Hoping to get a listen to each in the next several weeks. Any suggestions are most welcome!

    BTW: Anyone within riding distance of Ephrata, PA, there's a rally there the first Sunday of every month. I don't know exact numbers, but the number of bikes is staggering. You can usually find just about anything you're looking for. Don't need directions either. Just get near Ephrata and follow the bikes!
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    Welcome aboard RD! Good to have another avid HD fan in the mix. You already know most of the key players around here so get out your tools and start buying the chrome!
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    Now that you mention it....

    No - certainly don't need any help getting myself in trouble with the wife! Got that one covered...:D