Mukini Carb Manifold Gaskets?

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by Jhnybravo, Dec 8, 2011.

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    I've got a '96 Heritage Softail and it won't idle very well (misses and backfires through carb at idle) and I've found that the carb is loose between it and the manifold as well as between the manifold and the heads. Can anyone tell me what the part numbers are on these and where I can get them? Are these donuts something the local dealer would have?

    Thanks much!

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    There's a couple variables possible here. Is your Mikuni a 40mm or 42mm? Is your manifold the stock HD, or some aftermarket? I have a 42mm Mikuni mounted on an Edelbrock manifold. The manifold came with two different thickness donuts, a thick one for a 40mm, and a thinner one for a 42mm carb. It is possible to use the thicker donut with a 42mm carb, with a lot of lube and a bit of pushing. The HD shop should stock all the manifold gaskets/donuts, if you can't find them at J&P.
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    Thanks for suggesting a supplier.
    The inside diameter of the side of the carb measures about 42mm with a set of calipers (I'm assuming that's how they measure them, let me know if that's not the correct way). The manifold is a Mukini (Mukini name is molded into the top of the manifold). The whole carb fit very loose and the donuts look dried out and are stiff, which is why I was hoping to replace them. I hope this corrects the idle problems.