MSF Rider Course Schedule

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    Any Alabama members, I have a copy of the schedule for 2011. If any interested please pm me and I will e-mail copy. I have both the beginner course, and the advanced course, (now known as the BRC-2). Reg. fee for the BRC is 250 for instate and 275 for out of state. BRC-2 is 85 in state and 100 out of state. this year you can take the BRC-2 with a passenger. fee for that is 110 in state and 125 out of state. you have to privide your own passenger. I have taken both and am going to retake the BRC-2 this year. best motorcycle advice I can give is either take one or both. be safe this year. I would like to be reading post from all you lug heads next year.
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    MSF is a great group! I got my license with MSF through the military and it was fantastic! Never even rode a bike before and in two training days I had a MA motorcycle license! The training was so good I drove my brand new 2010 FXDC home from the dealership with no problems! Sign up if you won't regret it!