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Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by Animal, Jun 28, 2008.

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    Finally found a 2 GB MP3 player on sale for $40. at the local Canadian Tire Store.(They sell just about everything). I ripped 35 CD's onto the old computer and the MP3 player took 33 of them before saying that's enough. Did this all by myself and I'm from the generation that remember's when calculators first came out. Went for a 300 mile ride (500 Kilometers) and just loved the fact I didn't have to pull over to change the CD. Put the kizmo on shuffle and it was like listening to my favorite tunes on the radio without the commercials. I have Hogtunes speakers and love it loud. Life is Good. Rock On!
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    I agree..I took my Road King and put a Hoppe Fairing on it just to have music...and I been rippin the heck out of songs...didn't realize I had so many CD's...,what sucks ya buy a CD with 14 to 18 songs and have maybe 3 ya I fallen in love with Itunes and lots a free downloads when pepsi was having a promotion..LIfe is good....have 350 on my ipod..and your right its great...makes me think I'm a young kid :cheers