Move from Milwaukee or Not! Our support is needed more than ever.

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    Let us remember why most people purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the first place. I say it wasn’t because it was built in America or, built by Union Workers. (I'm Union) No, it was because we liked the looks and the sound, it wasn’t the price. They built a good product and people responded. It is not only the fault of Harley Davidson that we live in a capitalistic society. Harley Davidson must turn a profit or risk financial suicide. Let me say something that is probably truer, but often not view this way. We in America need Harley Davidson more than the company needs us. See; let’s say the company and the motorcycles all went away forever. What else could replace the business that Harley Davidson riders provide as a group to small towns, coffee shops, restaurants, hotel, motels, venue sites, clothing lines stores, boot shops, repair shops, dealerships, gathering spots and the less traveled cities across America. Or, what else would relieve us from the stress of along work week. Yes, we don’t want anyone to lose their jobs. But, America is at a crossroad that we all must come to grips with. Because of our bitter sweet globe business partners around the world, we in America now have to adjust our wages and way of life. We must stand by Harley Davidson in these difficult times until better days. We should all support our local dealers when possible. We owe the joy of many friends and long weekends to the employees and owners of the Harley Davidson Company.
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    Sorry, but the problem with Harley is the companiy's greed & poor customer service & satisfaction. Harley is one of the few companies that don't have an 800 customer service line. That tells me alot. Their attitude is "we have total loyalty from our customers--we can treat them like (EDIT) & they still come back for more". I think that in this economy today, companies should be kissing our posteriors to get our business & keeping our loyalty. Harley has NEVER done that. I have heard horror stories aplenty about them screwing their customers on warranty issues & such. I can't imagine an automobile manufacturer telling a customer that if a paint flaw is not visible from a certain number of feet away, they won't make it right. Harley needs us more than we need them. You can buy one of many Harley clones without ever going near a Harley part. I think that if they don't change their attitude, they are in for a fall. I own 2 Harleys, but that new Yamaha Roadstar is looking awful good to me, & if I ever buy a new bike, that might just be my choice.

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    You really think HD warranty and Customer Service is Poor? Have you ever owned a yamaha. It's an ABSOLUTE joke.
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    Fellas i agree with all posts here but corporate America is greedy always have been always will be. That was one of the reasons we have unions,not the only one i know i'm union too. Both sides will have to take concessions. But if Harley moves out of USA I will not follow. The yamaha stories sound all to familiarI had a 2003 roadstar and it was a nightmare that is why i have Harley now. Harley is no better or worse than anyone on warranty believe it. Go check bmw boards or honda any one of them and you will see they all do it. That's why I wish Harley would do it better so we would'nt hear " oh they all do that it's normal" lol. I hope that things will work out,but it takes money to live on both sides. I'll shut up now.
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    Your confusing the Harley Davidson Corporation with a local dealership. When the dealership says "they all do it" that is not the Corporation speaking.
    The key is that the dealership has to FIND THE PROBLEM before the Corporation can approve or fix it right?

    Your making it sound like the dealership finds a problem and Headquarters says "no way are we paying for that". That is NOT what is happening.

    Harley is EXTREMELY GENEROUS on warranty claims. But the dealership has to know what they are doing before your bike gets repair.
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    It also makes a difference when the dealer submits the claim to HD. They can either work with you (on your side) or against you for profit being they don't get paid the same labor rates from HD as they do from the customer for the necessary repairs.

    This can be a barometer of the type of dealer you are using.
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    In these poor economic times the last thing most people have money for are non essentials. Sorry, but as much as I like my scoot, it's a non essential. It's at these times that companies have to draw on their resourcefullness and weather the storm. Concessions have to be made on all sides if we are to survive. As for Japanese bikes being better, years ago I had a Kaw VN750. Nice bike, except that the factory put the rectifier/regulator right underneath an exhaust component. Being solid state, when it got hot, the bike stopped running until it cooled. Everything man made has it's faults.

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    Harley seems to me the only company that will still honour a warranty no matter how many mods you do to the bike . most vehicle manufacturers will void the warranty with any mods. Toyota will void warranty in Canada if do not have a Toyota battery in it. All company`s & businesses have to make a profit to stay in business.
    Easy way to explain it is - if you take all your yearly expenses to keep your home operating e.g. mortgage-insurance-heat-hydro-water-food-clothes-taxes , this is the minimum amount you have to make to keep your house, anything left over is profit. this is what you have left over for savings & toys.
    I find most people do not know what it costs to have the basics per year
    remember only the government can operated with a loss every year and get away with it.
    Without customer support Harley will go the way of the Indian m/c company & we will all be riding china & korean made scooters.
    Harley`s are end bikes same as bmw & benz are high end cars -
    the more expensive the vehicle the more expensive the repairs
    this is my .02 worth
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    At 1k service, service dept asked if I wanted bike "washed" with service. I said just wash the wheels. Now to me wash means soap&water rinse off and dry, I didn't want my bike wet, I keep it clean.
    Get bike back, wheels are clean, oil dripping from front of motor and under bike where drain plugs have pulled. uh, I asked why the oil all over the place. "You didn't want it washed" uh, You mean tech can't take 10 seconds and wipe off with brake cleaner???
    No, he just changes oil. I said your kidding right? No. keep me happy, they took bike back and wiped off oil. I won't be back.
    Will look for other dealer and get exactly what is done on servicing bike.
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    Now that is EXACTLY what you want to do. Eventually if enough customers stop going the place will go under new management and the service will get better. But I won't hold my breath.

    You have to separate "Support" from HD Headquarters from HD dealerships.