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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by rkrdr2, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. rkrdr2

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    I went to the International Bike Show here in Chicago yesterday and had a great time,basically all the manufactures showed up...except TRIUMPH...I really wanted to check out the Rocket III...but it was nice to check out all the different models that everyone has out...My buddy watched me sit on probably 50 different bikes,of all kind,but ask me why I always mount the bikes from the left side instead of the right...mmm... I never gave it much thought,he claims he always mounts left leg first...I told him when I switched from dirt bikes to heavier street bikes about 35yrs ago,my father taught me to approach from the left,reach up,grab the bars,lock down the front brake and you throw your right leg over and center it up all in one move...I sure there is no right or wrong way...but after he ask me I started watching people,I would say the majority mounted from the left...just curious of what you guys do and why.
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    I don't know about other people, I try to avoid the pipes as much as possible
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    I think alot of this will go back to "habbits". Right or Wrong, Left or right, as long as your getting on the bike its all good.
    I always got on from the right, for the same reason as said so.
    (I always threw my leg over too). But.....with my Ultra, not so easy with my height. I always seem to hit something with my foot.
    Now I approach the bike, put my hip up against the seat, and "lift my right leg in front of me" and then swing it over. Have never hit the saddlebag lid once since doing this, and it feels just as natural as "throwing" a leg over.

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    I always mount from the right, for the same reason as you rkrdr2. Except that I grab the brake and then throw my left leg over first. Also, with my size,(bout 230 lbs.) there is more room from the right, as the bars are turned to the left. No right or wrong way, I guess, just easier for me......
  5. 01dynaglide

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    I agree. I always come up on the left side and put my right leg over. That is the way I make my wife and daughters get on too so they will not burn there leg on the pipes.
  6. Gas Gauge

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    I'm with Hobbit, kickstand is on the left, bike leans to the left, left side is the low side, much easier to mount (especially for a geezer).
  7. Jonas

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    I get on and off from the left.

    Two reason to get on from the right.

    Not as likely to knock the bike over. Kick stand is on the left

    If you mount and dismount from the right. You are not as likely to step into traffic if you stop along side of the rode. Cops are trained to mount and dismount from the right.
  8. Breeze3at

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    When the backrest is not on, I swing my leg over from the left side, and try not to hit the edge of the far saddlebag. If the backrest is on, I mount from the right. I'm less likely to catch my heel on the seat if I start on the high side. This is sometimes accompanied by an involuntary grunt.
  9. Gas Gauge

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    LOL...Breeze, that was hillarious!
  10. bikerdad

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    I always mount and dismount from the left. It is a habit from years of riding horses. They are trained that way. If you mount a horse from the right you will probably end up on the ground because they don't expect it. The bike hasen't bucked me off yet!