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    Anyone ever try MOTUL 300 VSynthetic Oil in their Bikes?It says it's a Group 4 Synthetic with "estes"/ester? properties( supposed to cling to metal alot better).If so, what were your results and where did you get it? Later,Hi-Tek Rednek
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    I never heard of it so I googled it. They recommend oil changes at 3000 miles, pretty spendy oil to change that often.
    My question would be if it's a fully synthetic then why would they recommend that often?

    If it does everything they say it does and lubricates better with less friction then other syn oils there would be no need to change it that often. JMHO.

    My understanding is one of the qualities of a good synthetic oil is it takes longer for it to break down and you can run it longer between changes.

    I'll stick with my Mobil 1 twin v.
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