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    Bought a motorcycle lift a while back to lift a old drag bike,but I am a little nervous about using it to lift a heritage I only had about 6 months. The lift is rated high enough.. mainly just thinking about using it for cleaning the heritage for now , what do you guys and gals think..

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    The Sears $180 or Harbor Freight $100 yellow ones work well and at a reasonable cost (they both go on sale at typically $30-$40 savings or coupon)...

    Procedure should be similar to one of my previous posts...start wotj tje bike on jiffy stand, bungee cord it so it will not retract...see pictures below,


    1) Slide lift in from the right side...raise until it just contacts bike' lowest point to check alignment and desired flat and clear lift areas, on my Sporty it is tricky to get it exactly in between the frame tubes and two crossmembers yet clear the jiffy stand bracket.

    2) Check that the rubber pad supports or adapters (if you use them) are contacting desired areas that will not slip out of front or back centered in the saddle area center of gravity.


    3) Have bike in gear so it won't roll forward or back...and lift bike, (you can use a second person the first few times to help control the bike), and lift 'til the bike is level...but most of the weight still on the tires. Check the contact points and bike is stable and centered in the contact areas you chose.

    4) Lift to where wheels just clear the ground, rock bike slightly to check stability...if still not quite STABLE, I use wooden paint stirrers to shim any "ODD" gaps, it should not rock on the stand supports...


    5) Lift to desired height, note that the center of gravity over the jack and at the desired height, make sure safety latch falls into desired notch and safety straps can be put on and your done.

    6) Lowering is reversed, only you have to pump lift up to unlatch safety, then lower with pedal fully depressed, it will go fast for the first inch and then slow way down...till the wheels touch. Undo safety straps, stabilize bike as it eases over onto the side stand, again have a helper to stabilize until you are comfortable doing it solo.

    On the Pitbull Lift website there is a video on how it is done...:D
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    With the Heritage you will have to block under the frame, or on the lift, with something in order for the lift to clear the shocks. I was very nervous lifting mine the first few times. Don't give it a thought now. As mentioned, a helper the first few times will ease the tension.
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    Don't know what kind of lift you bought, but I have two. A built in the "Pacific Rim" from Harbor Freight, and a Craftsman made in China. I have replaced the main bolts with grade 8 on both of them. I regularly keep the Electra Glide on one at the highest point (lift lock in place), and shove the bike all around the garage on it (without straps :51:). I know I am way too trusting of the lifts, but....
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    Thanks for all replys,nice to know lots of people are using them
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    Thanks for the photo smitty and I didnt see that someone was on it at first,have yellow lift from harbor and had old drag bike up with wheels off several times and it seems sturdy but heritage is almost twice as heavy ....again cool shot thanks
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    I use approximatly the same model, may be a little bit larger than this one.
    I never had any trouble.:s
    Easy to use, some rubber protect the frame of the motorcycle, just be sure that the HD is centered is you remove the fron wheel.:newsmile108:
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    I just bought the "Lightweight" aluminum lift from Harbor Freight several weeks ago. I think your lift is the same one. Yes, No?

    Wow, I'd be very concerned about lifting that bike with someone on it. I tried my lift once to test it and my Heritage seemed to be a bit wobbly once it was up in the air. I didn't feel the bike was going to fall off but the wobble got me nervous. I made sure the shocks were cleared of the lift pads. Maybe the bike wasn't exactly balanced on the lift. Will try again with different lift point locations and see if I can find the right balance location underneath.

    Sooner or later I will actually need the lift for real work and I will use straps to secure the bike.

    I also like the idea of using the bungee cord to secure the jiffy stand in place. Never thought of that one.
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    i have one from harbor frieght and it works just fine for my 96 heritage