Motorcycle JACK for My softtail Deluxe 2008

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by muttlange, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. muttlange

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    Anybody KNOW where I might be able to purchase a Good But inexpensive Floor jack for My Softtail Deluxe? I purchased one from Home depot BUT, it wouldn't go under My Bike.

    Oh and All Be SAFE out there and GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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  3. biscuit

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    Whatever you buy,check first to make sure it fits under your Deluxe.We have three 2008 H-D's:2 Flstf's and 1 Flstn.I just put new chromed fork lowers on all our bikes and discovered that the jack wouldn't fit under the Deluxe,yet went quite nicely beneath the Fatboys.
    The specs suggested it would go under,but reality bites!It was solved easily enough by parking the front wheel on two mats and having all bikes way up off the ground was great.
  4. Dale

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    This is a TEMPORARY support system do not leave the bike un-attended.

    This may sound stupid and prehistoric but if you have some help this is the smallest, most stable and cheap bike lift /stand there is.

    Get a quarter of a sheet of 3/4 inch plywood and 2- 2foot long pieces of 4X4 lumber.

    Have the plywood cut up into 4"X4" squares.

    The 4X4's are the base, one for the front of the frame and the other for the rear of the frame.

    With one person holding the bike upright the other begin by stacking plywood blocks under each side of the frame on top of the 4X4 until they both touch the frame, then the holder start leaning the bike over far enough to allow another block to be placed under that side of the frame then lean bike back enough for a block on the other side of the frame, Do this rocking back and forth adding blocks until you have the bike jacked off the ground and level.

    I do this with my Softail standard and it is very safe and stable.

    One way to make it more stable and so it can be left for long periods is to get longer 4X4's and install eye bolts to either end for tie downs then you could use ratchet straps and tie the bike to the home made jack.
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    I say this as I thought my jack would not fit, so be patient.

    When I bought my jack, it would only clear the high side of the frame but would not slide under the low side.

    After a few choice words I called my brotherin-law.
    He just laughed.

    All he said was, pull the bike up so its level and the jack will slide under both frames. It did.

    The better jacks have lower clearance.
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    I have a mini lift identical to the one from Sears and what I noticed the first time I slid it under my 88 Heritage is that one of the rails of the jack almost wound under my primary which sits just a bit lower then the frame. Had I jacked it up without noticing that who know what damage could have been done to the primary seals or transmission shaft bearings and seals.
    My lesson learned that day... Always check where the rails will wind up before lifting the bike.