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    i will be shortly putting my bike away for the winter, i keep it in a wooden shed & iv been considering getting a motorcycle cover to leave over the bike for a few months but would this be a bad idea as the bike will get condensation on it during the cold weather? what would be the effect if it had a cover & got lots of condensation & i didn't check it for a few months?

    thanks in advance for your help & insight.
  2. SeaRider04

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    I kept mine in a metal shed with plywood froor using a cheap motorcycle cover over it over the winter with battery tender hooked up, I did not see any condensation build up on mine and didn't see any effect when Spring arrived, just take off the cover and it fires right up.
  3. kemo

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    Do not use a plastic tarp. You want a indoor cover not an outdoor cover. It has to breath. An old bed sheet is fine. Even a good idea to run a fan to keep the air moving around.
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    I too have used an old bed sheet and with no problems. that's about the cheapest way to go.
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    I keep mine in a covered garage but the front of the garage is open to the elements, live in a condo with secure parking. Although it's chilly and the wind comes through the bike stays 100% dry. Even at that I cover it summer and winter with a vinyl motorcycle cover, however, the trick is to have one with a breathable air vent. You can usually pick up a decent one for around $100.00, I've been using mine for three years and no signs of exaggerated wear.
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    And shove some steel Wool up the pipes so the rodents dont nest in there:s
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    I have my bikes in 2 wooden sheds i usually throw a cover over the one in the workshop just in case there are any objects flying about what i use for a cover is a thick dust sheet
    shed is fairly tight so no real access for mice etc but cat is out on patrol a lot just in case any come near
    dog chases the badgers away but all they do is eat the slugs and snails
    i had a mouse make a nice nest in a helmet before i had a cat and found a rat in one of the sheds built on to the house but last cat was good at killing rats i just hope this youngster is up to the job

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    Objects flying around? not throwing things are you:s
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    It is a workshop i have hammers and cold chisels and lots of other stuff that i play with from time to time and with the best will in the world something at sometime may go flying
    so the bike has a protective blanket just in case :p