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    I am making an eBook for my son about motorcycles. He's 2 and goes nuts whenever he sees what he calls a "coolbike" and I am looking for charts and pictures about motorcycles for kids. I have links to kid geared sites and some other basic safety info and things like seating postures and helmet styles but I want to put some specific information and charts together that will help him understand how they work, what the parts are called etc...

    The problem is that I'm a motorcycle moron (I'm going to have to learn along with him) so I'm looking for illustrations that would be easy for a noob to understand that I will be able to work off of to create charts and descriptions that toddlers would understand.

    I'm not sure if I'm even posting in the right section but if anyone knows where I can find this kind of information that has accompanying illustrations please drop me a line. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum...someone will help, i am not computer smart. & tx for your parental involvement your a cool mom.,.,.,
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    Welcome to the forum Kat. Click on the self help tab at the top left of this page. There are acres and acres of tips, many have illustrations. One of the neatest is a "virtual" H.D. engine in motion. Even a 2 year old might find it facinating. There is so much info. available on the web, and I don't know your style, so all I can offer is; Come here when you have a question. There are THOUSANDS of the most helpful and motorcycle savvy people in the world here (really, from all continents and countrys). AND, when your son can read, this site is rated "G", suitable for all ages.:57: