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    Each spring there is an awarness ride set up by the gold wing group here in my little town. This ride has changed from years past when I thought it did what the name of the ride states. We met down by the old court house, listen'd to the ride courdenator tell the route, watch the gold wings show us how good they can ride side by side, in circles,figure 8's and so on, than off for a police escorted, parade ride across town to the first stop at the local park, than off in different directions on a poker style ride for the day. Than back to the park to gather, bbq and see if you got lucky with your poker card. Last spring after yrs of not being able to join in do to daughter being in sports, we sign'd up only to find out the ride has evolved into, gather at the collage at the edge of town, pay the fee, watch how good the gold wingers ride than head out of town and ride through the least populated areas. An awarness day ride should be just that. Ride locally so the cages see us and some how become aware this is the time of year we bring out our bikes and ride, any thoughts on this? And do you have awarness day rides and if so, tell us about it.

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    Never went on to a Motorcycle Awareness Week before, but read a banner on it on the local HD dealer website for June 19 here in Ventura County, where motorized two wheelers of all types are asked to ride their machines the whole week out in force so the area is aware of the large contingent of motorcycle enthusiasts there are.

    Personally I think it is a great idea, LOL only motorcylcles I HEAR in the "-hood" are Harleys... :rofl
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    Here in Calgary we have a Motorcycle Awarness Ride each spring. It is dedicated to Walt Healy and Bob Kane who were both motorcycle dealer's that were big in promoting safety. Walt Healy helped create the Canada Safety Council motorcycle training program. I was very lucky and took that course the first year it was given in Canada. The ride goes in May and we have been known to ride in the snow. Calgary is almost 4000 ft above sea level and we can have snow in June and 70 degree weather in January.