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  1. Locke

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    About 15 years ago I got to where I could not ride amusement park rides, without becomming nauseous, light headed and dizzy. Vertigo, inner ear, or motion sickness?

    Now some times when I ride, I get a slight feeling of dizzyness, nothing bad just a little unbalanced. After ridding 30+ minutes, when I come to a stop I feel a little unsteady. Talked to my Doc. he susggested motion sickness pills.

    Does anyone else ever feel off balance or dizzy when they ride? If so how do you deal with it?

    So far it has not been bad enough to try a pill or to stop my ridding.
  2. HDDon

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    I don't have the problem on the bike, but my wife doesn't call me Captain Green because I'm into ecology. Get me on a boat and you can bet I take something before. Best stuff I've found is BONINE. Won't make you sleepy and works for 24hrs.
  3. horizonchaser

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    I don't experience it on my bike but if I read the paper in the car, or look at a map for too long while we are driving, I get slightly car sick. I just know that I can't read for any length of time in the car or I'm going to get a little queasy.
    You might have some equilibrium issues which may be causing the vertigo sensation. I'd go to an ear doctor just to make certain. You should be enjoying your ride and not have to worry about being unsteady. God forbid you get into an accident as a result of it. :(
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    I lived most of my life on the east coast, and did a lot of offshore fishing and trips to the Bahamas. Anytime I didn't go offshore for two weeks, I was "chum captain". I also made myself motion sick doing some spirited driving in the mountains in my car one time. I have tried every non prescription remedy, and most work, but gave me side effects of sleepiness or mild halucinations. The thing that has worked best with no side effects is Ginger capsules. Non prescription, at most drug and health food stores. Oh yea, there is one side effect I remembered. BAD tasting burps.:x
  5. Nuke99

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    My wife gets motion sickness very easily. I bought her a "Relief Band." She doesn't go anywhere without it. It stops sickness even after it has started. No medication side effects either (worse than the sickness in my estimation). Here is a link to check. You may be able to find a better deal. I just picked one with an explanation. NEUROWAVE MEDICAL Motion Sickness Relief Band at West Marine
  6. Locke

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    The effect is never bad just enough to know it's there. The relief band sounds like a great option, as does the Bonnie, if it gets to that point. I doubt the wife would like the Ginger.....bad breath and all!

  7. doc_63

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    Is that reief band just Hocus Pocus or do those things actually work?

  8. Safehaven

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    I get motion sickness when reading inside a car/bus. And continue to have my sea feet for about 30 minutes after coming back from a boat trip. Never take any medicine for it, I just stop reading in the car.

    On the bike I sometimes feel the "speed rush / engine drone" after driving for a very long time, but never felt like my balance was off.

    Good thing you went to see a doc for this, balance is a bit important ey :)

    Take care,
  9. SeaRider04

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    I got motion sickness when I'm a passenger in a car and or when reading in the car as a passenger, forget about sitting in the back seat, if I'm a driver, no problem, on my boat, as long as I'm on the cockpit or on the helm, I can be out there all day long regardless weather, but the minute I get inside the cabin even on calm sea, I got seasick.

    About the relief bands (from West Marine), they don't works for me and the wife, we use Bonnie. works best.

    UCWAYNE Banned

    My wife has motion sickness REALLY bad. Anytime we are flying or if she is not in the front seat of a vehicle she wears a set of relief bands and never has a problem. Don't know why, but she can ride 2 up with me and never have a problem!!