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    Just curious as to about how long it takes to ride the Tail of the Dragon (and I do realize there are lots of variables involved here), but I just wanted to get an idea. Which side do you think is best to enter from? Are there any pull offs where you can maybe photos? Getting the trip planned out................
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    Less than an hour taking it easy on my Ultra. There aren't a lot of places to pull over but there are a couple. I came in from the south.
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    Doesn't really matter which direction you ride it. Deal's Gap is much closer to the east end. Riding right at the speed limit it should take about 25 minutes or so. I would recommend you ride it at least once nice and slow without any plans to pull over. Try and make a mental note of any pullouts you might want to stop at. Then ride it and make your planned stops, but remember to slow down and signal your intentions well in advance - you never know what maniacs are screaming up on you from behind at twice the speed limit!
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    I came in from the South. Just be carefull [there will be sport bikes passing you like you are standing still]. Have fun.
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    That's about right 30 minutes, they have added lots of pull offs not counting the overlook and the store-hotel.
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    30 min, depending on your riding ability. Sport bikes can do it in less time, naturally.

    I'd start from Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort, go to the end of the dragon, loop around and do it a second time (to make sure you get your photo taken from both directions...if you didn't know, they have pro photographers there taking pictures, and you can buy them online. Makes for a cool addition to your office or man cave).

    Stop at the restaurant at Deals Gap MC Resort after your 2nd runb on the dragon and have a meal...but be prepared to wait a little while for your food.

    Also, Best time to ride the dragon without the crowds is in the morning before 11am and later in the day after 5. If it's a holiday weekend, it may be packed and doesn't matter what time you get there. I hit it on 4th of July wknd last year, and there wasn't very many people. I went again for Labor Day wknd, and the place was PACKED. Driving the dragon was more of a chore, because there were too many bikes.
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