Modular plug disassembly

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  1. I was told I need to replace my Crank Position Sensor. I've removed the sensor from the engine. There is a black and red wire coming out of the sensor, and it runs through a harness/loom with several other wires and into a modular type plug. The wires run into the modular plug, and from the reverse side I see several pins. My question is: Can someone tell me the proper method to remove the two wires from the CKP sensor out of the modular plug. Looking in at the pins, I can see what appears to be an orange block that looks like I would remove it and just pull the two wires I need from the plug, but I do not want to guess at it. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I have an 08 Ultra and I bought the Service Manual for that bike. There is a great section in there on servicing and splitting down the elec connectors. On the Ultra 08 it calls up a 2 Pin Deutsch type connector for this, so I am sure your bike is different. If you have a photo of the connector and if that type is still used on my bike then I will happily scan and send you the pages
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  4. I was able to remove the wires I needed to remove, but I still wouldn't mind having that section on disassembling the connectors. Mine ended up being the Deutsch and it was an EASY job. thnx, Les

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    Yes, those Deutsch connectors are rather unique to Harley regarding the additon of accessories and the like. And a second Yes, there is an HD kit Deutsch pin and receptacle kit with install/removal tools and procedure in the HD Parts and Accessory catalog. I think if you have a good relationship with the HD dealer, they will print out the HD tech note regarding them and no charge. I just did not spend the time and hard wired my accessory plug to my Battery tender connector, (but reversed polarity) due to the gender change...always check final polarity with a DMM (digital multimeter) when doing anything electrical as a precaution.
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    There are quite a few threads on here about the accessory connection. The Deutsch plugs are a Type DM, if you google it you will find suppliers for it. The problem I had was that the Harley accessory I bought to modify for my purpose (Satnav connection) only had 2 of the wires connected. I sourced my own plugs in the UK from a company called Simtek, but there are a number of suppliers on Google. Much cheaper and less hassle