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  1. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    Any suggestions on where to rent around the Marshfield area. I checked Ozark and it doesn't look like they have rentals and Eaglerider only has SG's. When I checked the Springfield dealer it showed nothing available. We're going to be in the area next weekend and thought we might rent for a day but time will tell. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. gusotto

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    Checking the Harley dealer in my HOG Atlas, you've checked the closest dealers.
    Next closest is Joplin (417-623-1054), Branson (417-334-8071) and Osage Beach (573-302-7600). All a little jaunt.

    Osage is the only dealer open on Sunday. The other dealers I listed are closed on Sunday, some closed on Monday. Might make a difference in renting plans.
    Lebanon Tues-Sat.
    Joplin Mon-Sat.
    Osage Beach Tues-Sun.
    Branson Mon-Sat.

    Arkansas, just over the border.
    Eureka Springs 479-363-6224 Open 7 days
    Rogers 479-636-9797 Mon-Sat.

    Good luck.
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    I was just in Eureka Springs a week and a half ago. That particular location is not actually a dealership, simply a souvenir boutique full of Harley stuff specific to that region.

    Didn't make it to Rogers but the website shows it to be a dealership with a rental department.
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    Thanks guys, I'll check those out a little later today... :)