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    I was talking to a buddy of mine and mentioned how the mileage on my 2010 Softail goes in the crapper when I have to put ethanol added fuel in instead of just the premium unleaded gas. He says that his ( I don't remember the year ) Sportster gets 3 to 4 miles to the gallon MORE using the ethanol stuff. Looked me in the eye and said that he checked it 4 different times. Anyone else see their mileage improve using the stuff?
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Slower burn less BTU out put mileage should be down, mine is
  3. Hoople

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    The only people known to be able to claim that, work for or own an ethanol factory. :)
  4. SilverFoXD

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    Ask him to run three or four consecutive tankfuls of ethanol and report back on the mileage. Get the straight gasoline out of the system and then see what he gets.

    There is a slim possibility his cost per mile went down with ethanol, depending on the price per gallon differential and his mileage. Might also have cleaned some gunk out of the system. But getting better mileage with ethanol over the long haul, reread Jack's and Hoople's replies.
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    I have logged every drop of gas put into my bike. I recently (thru the forum) found a station near me that has no ethanol added. On the 5 tanks of this I have used, my mileage is +3 mpg avg. When I have to put ethanol fuel in it has gone down 3 mpg avg. again.
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    Very good test Breeze, wait til they ram 15 percent down our throats, bet we hear a lot of spark knocking then:p
  7. Hoople

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    For the guys who have ion-sensing (post '05?), it probably will just go unnoticed. The timing will just kick back more degrees of advance and the engine will just produce less horsepower and deliver poorer mileage. O-sure "the engine will adjust itself"... And for that they will charge us more money.
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    Been riding Harley's since 1979 and have never been concerned or even checked gas mileage. I do my own maintenance and always make sure my bike is in good running condition. Gas mileage is considerably better than automobile mileage and the thrill factor, well just can't put a price on that one!
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    I have a brand new 1200c. Put ethonal gas in every tank, and was concerned because I got only 39 mpg. At 500 mi., I started putting non-ethanol in, and the second tank, I got only 33 mpg (ON A SPORTY!) I went back to ethanol.
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    Here we go again, MPG will be affected more by how you ride than by ethanol.
    If you are stuck in traffic, going from red light to red light, or if your riding the super slab.
    The only way to get an accurate MPG is to ride the same route with ethanol fuel then non-ethanol fuel (if you can find it).
    3 to 4 MPG or engine performance doesn't matter that much.
    Just get on and ride, have fun and don't sweat the small stuff.
    That's just MHO as I set in my snow covered house and wont ride cause of the salt on the roads.