Michelin Scorcher Tires

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by dmead12, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. dmead12

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    Has anybody been useing these and if so are they wearing good I am not getting good wear from the Dunlop's
  2. mvd00024

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    I have not heard much about the Michelin tires. I sure would like to know, I would like to get more mileage that's for sure. I also have Dunlop on my Dyna Super Glide.:newsmile016:
  3. benjo

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    I've got these tyres on my street Bob and according to my dealer they are responsible for a front end grinding feeling when taking corners. Dealer tried out another 2010 Bob and found the same thing. I terms of wear i've been city riding for 4000 kms and have to say they look brand new still.
    In the wet they feel like someone has taped ice to the rear end.....

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    Could be the tires are dragging against the underside of the fenders, possibly contacting the wire loom (in the rear) or when suspension travels during compression it could change angle enough to contact fork, frame, belt, sprocket or guards (key being evidence of contact or scuffing). Don't forget to check tire inflation pressure and loose accessories in the vicinity. :s
  5. whacko

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    I have a 2010 fxdc with the michelin schorchers. 6000 miles on the bike and they look brand new. Tech at the dealership says not even 1/2 the treadlife gone yet. Someone else posted trouble with the traction in the rain but I can't comment on that....only got caught out once this season so far and definately took that back roads home.....slow and stady but no slipping and sliding.
  6. editbrain

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    I have ridden with ME 800s, and I loved those tires. When I bought my Dyna it came with Mich Scorcher Tires. I now have 8000 miles, and the rear is a little worn, but the front is still good. I put on that many miles since March 1, 2010. So about 1000 miles per month.

    I have been in five down poors, and I thought the tracking on the tires were very good. This was on the interstate.
    In town I could get them to spin easy, but we hadn't had rain in a month, and the oil was built up on the road. So that is to be expected.

    When it comes time to change tires for new ones. I am now torn between my trusted Metzler ME 800s, and the new found trust of the Michelin Scorcher Tires. I think I am going to go with the Michelin Scorcher Tires. They have held up well, and I did not have any issues with them on the Dyna this year.
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    I've got about 2600 miles on the bike, mostly 2-up on back roads in the area. Lots more trouble with hard parts dragging than any trouble with traction.
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    If more tire life is what you are going for try the Metzeler Marathon 880, I've been through quite a few dunlops as well as the Michelins on my 06 FXDL. the shop where I have my bike worked on recommended trying the Metzeler to see if I got better tire life and I wil not put anything else on again. Might be just me but I noticed a definate improvement in handling when I changed out the front dunlop for a Metzeler that matched the rear tire so if it is getting close to needing a front tire definately go for a set instead of just the rear.
  9. editbrain

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    The thing about Metz is that you want to try to get the tires made in Germany and not the tires made in Brazil.
    There were some issues with tire wear and separation from the Metz made in Brazil awhile back, but I do agree. The Metz tires are the(Edit).

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    I have just on 5000miles on my 2010FXDC with the Michelins.
    Would still have 2 - 3000 before a change.
    I have noticed a they are a bit slippery in the wet, I live in the mountains so lotts of corners and road works....but speed limits in the wet are O.K..only slippery if you push it.

    I will get them again.