Metzler tires???????????????

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by trem5150, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. trem5150

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    I have heard great things about these. But my dealership says different. A few good men have told me how much better these wear and ride compared to the hd dunlops. I need to put new rubber on my bike and am tempted to try these out. WATS UR THOTS
  2. northernrider

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    I had issues with Dunlop 21 " switched to Metzler heard same thing from dealership as well. 120000 miles later on Metzler ME 880 still happy. I can't tell any differnace in the ride or handling but they do last longer my experanace has been about 1800 miles longer.
  3. Jick Scott

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    My Dunlop tires come new with 10/32 tread on the rear and 5/32 tread on the front. After 10,500 miles, I have 5/32 on the rear and 4/32 on the front. By no means an expert on anything Harley-Davidson, but that's good enough for this old man. It's your ride, you decide.
  4. Hoople

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    Wear and ride are on two opposite sides of the spectrum. ME880 are great rain tires and they ignore tar snakes and concrete grooves. They have a higher % of silica in them so they grip but I would not expect them to get the mileage as you would with other brands. I am told that the only tire which has a higher silica content is the Dragon.
  5. Mad Dog Jim

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    I switched to ME880s last year and love them! They run straight in groves and cracks better than the OEM rubber. Life span is better on the back, about the same up front. I get mine from J&P. Make sure you get the correct load rating! My first set I bought from a HD dealer and the back tire was under-rated. I have an 08' FLSTC and run the 77H in the rear and I think its a 71H up front. Also, don't run the Owner's Manual air preasure in these tires! They take more air. I run 46 in the rear and 40 in the front. I think they are max rated at 50 and 42, but would have too look to be sure
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    In another thread it was pointed out that Metzler's have 2 ply side walls.
    The Dunlop is 4 ply, important when you get a flat at 65mph, I know.
    As far as tread wear I get about 12k out of the rear and 15 to 18k on the front with the Dunlops. I have never used any other brand.
    Last the Dunlop is made in the USA,thats important to me!
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    I have put close to 100,000 miles on Metzlers. I got about the same mileage out of them as Dunlops but I REALLY prefer the performance of the Metzlers,Especially in the rain.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I went thru MANY tires on my 00 fxds bike, 117,000 miles. I did get Plenty of Good Wear out of the Dunlops BUT have to agree about the Softer Ride and better GRIP in Rain on the Metzlers..

    I would Suggest to KEEP the front to match the back tire. Tyre for down-unders

    I would Only change out to a different Brand when Both were due IF POSSIBLE.

    Now as far as my 09 FLHR, I'll stick with the SAME HD rubber that came on it.
    I have 20,000 miles and Still have a lot to go Before I need new ones. I CAN'T believe the miles on them and Still rubber left..a little Bumpy on the front while stopping but going to wait it out...:D BOTH at the same time.

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    my first rear change went to an 880, liked it ok but after about a k noticed a flat spot in the center, seemed like it was wearing in the middle faster, anyway, i picked up a screw and replaced the tire for a Dunlop and i like it better. the Dunlop was about 30 bucks cheaper at motorcycle superstore
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    I've had Metzlers on all of my bikes but one. When I need new ones on my new bike they will be Metzlers. The last set I got was from They were the cheapest.