Metzler ME 880 Marathon in front is good

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Steve_Benoit, Jul 13, 2011.

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    Hi Folks

    I recently replaced my Dunlop D401F front tire on my '07 Sportster with a Metzler ME 880 Marathon. I'm still running the stock Dunlop D401 in the rear.

    The front tire side wall was checking and cracking due to age. Rear still looks good but will repalce it to before the season is over with Metzler as well.

    The reason for the post ? Just to say that it works out well, and handles good so far.

    The clincher is my wife, often a passenger on the bike, said she notices the diffference, says it doesn't seem to vibrate or shake as much. I think she was feeeling the front tire track on cracks.


    thanks for all the help on the forum.


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    Good deal changing a tire if it shows cracks due to aging and such. Sometimes it is best NOT to wait 'till the tread wear bars show, if the tires have been on the bike for more than 5 years...UV and sunlight have drying affects to the rubber making them slippery and more easily damaged due to less compliance to road debris.