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    Message for Glider.
    Back last October I posted the problem below. You responded by providing a link to a known fretting problem with a connection associated with the DBW setup.

    I saved this link with the intention of printing it off and taking it to the local HD dealer in the spring so he could use it as a reference. However I cannot now open it. Could you resend the link please.


    Any input would be appreciated with the following. I tried to send directly to Dobeck (I thought it had been sent but had no answer so I suspect it did not go). This is what I sent:

    "Hello Dobeck support.

    About 3000 miles ago (three months) I fitted TFI, V&H Ovals and SE Air filter to 2010 FLHTK. It's now done about 6500 miles total.

    Up until about 800 miles ago it has been no problems. However very occassionaly (I mean; say once or twice every time I use it) it will misfire or cut out momentarily, just for one beat not a continual cut out. It seems to be on a changing throttle from no load to light load when just taking up the load.

    Do you have any experience of this or any suggestions to what I can try. Coincidentaly, it only started after I had it in for the 5k service, is it possible that has anything to do with it??"

    I do not mean to imply it is automatically a fault with the TFI, Just trying to get some pointers to the possible problem or if anyone else has had this issue.


    John Taylor
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    Did you post your question in the Dobeck section you can find on the Home Page?
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