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  1. whacko

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    I have noticed that most HD riders go with leather jackets or a textile material jacket that has the HD name on it. I bought a HD "road warrior" jacket last summer when I got my bike. It was $195....CE rated shoulder and elbow protection and an ok design / comfort / and had vents that could be opened for cooling. Problem was on the hot days the vents were not enough and I baked in the thing.

    Well I did quite a bit of research and looked at mesh jackets from other suppliers besides HD and think I found a winner......tourmaster "intake air 2". The armored elbows and shoulders have twice the coverage of the HD jacket and the shoulder pads are "hinged" to allow better reach to the bars. It included a full spine armor pad and 2 liners for rain / cold. There are pockets everywhere! Comfortable and I feel like the protection and comfort provided by this jacket is far and beyond what the HD jacket had......and the cost was $160......$35 LESS than the HD.

    Two questions for you gear nerds out there:
    1. How many of you actually use armor jackets EVERY time you ride?
    2. Do you use HD gear or go with another manufacturer like tourmaster, joe rocket, or cortech?

    Many of my buddies "ride me" a little about my armor jacket, full face helmet and riding boots while on a harley.......I fell safer wearing it......they like to laugh. Any one else out there a "safety geek" like me?
  2. modog57

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    My opinion, whatever makes you comfortable. Personally, I always have on a jacket and boots. Been down before, road rash is not any fun at all!
  3. dbmg

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    I always use Kevlar pants, and have 3 different jackets. Leather, textile with armor and removable liner, and mesh with armor and removable liner. Also have 4 different types of gloves depending on temp. All jackets and pants non HD. Thinking about full face helmet goind from half helmet. Hopefully nothing happens to them, cause you may have the last laugh.
  4. whacko

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    The tourmaster brand seems to be good quality at a good price. I bought my wife a cold weather touring jacket that is top notch for under $200. Just seems like I got alot more protection and comfort for the buck with the tourmaster jacket vs. the HD name brand gear could offer. The intake air 2 jacket I picked up is fantastic! I get my bike out of dealership storage in a few days and can't wait to try it out on the road!

    Glad to hear I am not the only HD rider that goes with the touring / street gear for protection!
  5. Iceman24

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    I say you can never be too safe IRT protective gear. I actally alternate between mesh/armour & HD leather...depending on weather. Go w/leather on the colder/non-rain days & mesh when it's warmer (breathes) for me.
  6. TXRKC

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    In January of 2010, I was in an accident on my bike. A car pulled out in front of me in an intersection. I hit the breaks, but there was no way I was gonna stop. I hit the car at about 40 mph, the bike stayed behind the car and I ended up in front of the car on my back. I was wearing a hemet, boots, gloves and the HD Road Warrior jacket. The bike had about $5100 damge to it and I walked away w/ a broken toe and a few bumps and bruises on my feet and legs. The helmet had a good sized gash in the back of it. The jacket has one small scuff on the back of it. I think the jacket provides a lot of protection and did a great job of protecting me. However, I live in Texas and it's way too hot to wear year round. I also have an HD mesh jacket that has some armor in the shoulders and elbows, but I'm not crazy about that jacket. I dont care for the armor in jackets, but to each his own.

    One feature that most HD jackets have that I really like is the double zipper. When riding, I always unzip the bottom zipper a few inches. Much more comfortable to me.
  7. scts

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    I have the same tourmaster jacket and really like it... I still alternate between the leather jacket and it, still havn't broken the habbit of just a tee-shirt yet when it's hot out, but with the tourmaster I'll pull out the linings and am wearing that more and more even in warmer weather.
  8. fin_676

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    I do not have any harley gear and every time i ride i wear protective gear with armour in the jacket usually wear a cordura jacket with ce armour if it is a warm day i might wear leather jacket with armour if hot i wear the cordura with the liner out and the vent zips open but the armour stays in i always wear boots and gloves and usually wear a full face helmet

  9. bwalsh22

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    Your call. I have a full face modular helmet, and mesh armored jacket or full leather upper and chaps, no armor thou. It works for me.

    All my stuff is non-Harley for gear, except the helmet. Riding gear is just way over priced IMO. Mesh jacket is Joe Rocket, Leathers are from a local leather shop. Helmet is Harley, cause it was cheaper and I liked the look, but debating a new one if money allows, but more interested in putting cash towards the bike now.
  10. Bodeen

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    I would consider a textile jacket if they weren't all Chinese. Its also why I dont buy any Harley clothes. All Chinese. Maybe Fox Creek should make a textile...........